F.B.I. ( FT. Blue Island) is a subbing team formed in partnership of C.N.BLUESTORM and Happy Island Subbing Team. C.N.BLUESTORM is an international fansite dedicated to bring the latest updates of C.N.BLUE for their international fans. Happy Island is a subbing team devoted to sub foreign videos of FT.Island related shows to English.

Since C.N.BLUE just debuted recently, it’s hard to look for people to form a subbing team for C.N.BLUE related shows. So, C.N.BLUESTORM thru its administrator, Lyna searched for ways and came in contact with Hailey, Happy Island subbing team leader. Hailey already planned to sub videos of C.N.BLUE shows. With that, C.N.BLUESTORM and Happy Island thru their administrator and leader respectively formed a partnership to join our forces and help each other out to deliver English Subbed Videos of CNBLUE related shows.

Herewith, C.N.BLUESTORM will aid Happy Island in promoting the subbing team and vice versa.

How we came up with the name is very interesting. We tried to combine C.N.BLUE with FT.Island. We first came up with Happy Blue Island (H.B.I.) then eventually we thought of the same thing, F.B.I. (FT. Blue Island). We burst out the same initials at the same time. Amazing how can two minds thought of the same thing. ^__^

F.B.I. is composed of the following:

Translators :

  1. Xiaosi
  2. okamikami
  3. scottishrika
  4. imehhed [hiatus]
  5. Makurokurosuke
  6. nattaye [hiatus]
  7. 76kriss91
  8. Melisasasa
  9. skullys [hiatus]
  10. Grace (inactive)
  11. Summerdream (inactive)
  12. abrenda (inactive)
  13. cheerfuljwlt (inactive)
  14. ihearteunteuk (inactive)
  15. Xiaosi
  16. 33rainynights
  17. pandalette
  18. wei_yi (twiceandagain)
  19. dogs68au
  20. Joyce
  21. jk2angel
  22. 79kriss91 (inactive)
  23. yuko -korean translator- (inactive)
  24. Jaimi Sun -korean translator- (inactive)
  25. cae -japanese translator-
  26. Sally Kim – korean translator -  (inactive)
  27. Shancq  (inactive)
  28. yuanlin  (inactive)
  29. PeggyChan (inactive)
  30. Carol (inactive)
  31. Dreyshi
  32. Magik
  33. junejune16
  34. TwiceAndAgain
  35. heehahaiamsosexy
  36. Sharmaine

Timers | Typesetters | Encoders:

  1. winterxstar
  2. VicCiVoO
  3. Hesan
  4. KazeHikaru
  5. jinhun
  6. naughty_gurlz
  7. lyssy

Editor & Uploader:

  1. happyclaire
  2. hongkifangirl
  3. pimiimip [hiatus]
  4. DrasticFresh
  5. 18succubus


Download the Subbed Videos at http://z7.invisionfree.com/Happy_Island/index.php?

Also, subscribe to our youtube channels!




41 Responses “F.B.I.” →

  1. Adeline

    June 17, 2013

    When you say Chinese translator, do you mean Chinese Mandarin? or Chinese Cantonese? cuz im kinda interested, since i have nothing to do over the summer holidays coming up soon :P

  2. Kbs 사극 장희빈에서 최무수리 양아빠.ㅋㅋㅋ 딱 넌 거기까지다.


  3. Arthur

    July 11, 2012

    If you could sub this I’d be happy:

    Please, Thank you.

  4. sorry to even ask this but there have been soooo many new and old CNBLUE events/concerts/clips/appearances that haven’t been subbed and I was just wondering if and when all the things will be worked on anytime soon? I realize that its hard work and you all have lives outside of CNBLUE but as a foreign lover of the boys, I depend on your subs and you seem to be the only dedicated subbing team for CNBLUE!

  5. Hi buddies,do U wish to role-play as cnblue members on roleplaying group on facebook?I myself am roleplaying as Jung Yong Hwa but there rn`t others for roleplaying as minhyuk,jung shin and jung hyun.If U want to roleplay as them,plz contact me!

  6. Merhaba CN Blue.Ben Türkiyedenim ve büyük bir cn blue fanıyım.Fakat burada albüm poster ve dergi tarzında hiç bir şey bulamıyorum.Yardımlarınızı gerçekten bekliyorum.

  7. hello guys! i just want to ask if where can i buy cnblue concert goods other than yesasia cuz i’ve been searching for it for ages and i haven’t found one. i hope that you can help me as i’m just a new fan of cnblue and because i love them so dearly. thank you! ^o^,

    you can email me back at chillaxdiva@yahoo.com.ph.

    i hope i can meet new friends as well ~ ^o^,

  8. I wonder if there are translators for Portuguese and if you are interested!


  9. proudboice

    July 30, 2011

    Hello boices. goodmorning :)
    I just saw this subbing page and i want to say thank you for these. As much as I wanted to help the subbing team, I just cant because I can’t speak nor understand any Japanese, Chinese and Korean. So sorry. But thank you for all the hard work.

    May I ask if the subbing team had subbed the O4U fanmeeting? I want to watch it but I just can’t understand. :( Thank you.

  10. Zillion thanks for your work hard to bring our beloved CNBLUE to world level now and in future..


  11. daisycha

    April 18, 2011

    glad…thank u for the subs =D
    you..guys…awesome =D
    I’ve been looking for KJE Chocolatte in youtube….I mean KJE Chocolatte in march 2011..Im only find minhyuk cut in youtube…
    I hope there will be KJE Chocolatte in march episode with english subtitle too..

    Thank You

  12. how can a boice? i really love c.n. blue but i havent join any fan clubs yet. so can someone please tell me how?

  13. where can I download these videos? why I can’t download it through http://z7.invisionfree.com/Happy_Island/index.php?

  14. wow! thx a lot!


  15. Imneethaboice

    September 8, 2010

    Could you help giving for the subs of runningman?

    It’s an amazing variety show…


  16. Chelsea

    August 30, 2010

    i wish i can apply and help but i’m not good at any of the language mentioned ): , too bad it’s not vietnamese

  17. Hello guys (:
    This is my first time visiting this blog and am so delighted by the hard-work of subbing team. :D
    Thank you so much for the subs :D I wish I could help to be a translator or anything but I do not speak any Japanese, Chinese, and Korean TT.TT
    Thanks so much again :D

  18. thank you soooo much for your subs!
    btw is there any way you guys can sub cnblue on the beatles code?
    (even if it’s just the 4 minute vid of them recording it)

  19. Is there anyone knows how to get cnblue’cd in indonesia?

    • I heard you can order them at Sangaji store in Senayan City.


    • daisycha

      April 18, 2011

      yeah..in sangaji store..I ever see thank u album..bluetory,,bluelove..if u live at surabaya you can go there…at Tunjungan Plaza..there are also sangaji store

  20. Thank you for taking your time to sub these shows for us!^^

  21. hi, FBI is a club to sell cnblue products right? may i know where to buy cnblue’s bluetory album. living in singapore here..thank you’

  22. Thank you so much guys! <3


  23. soshoart

    June 11, 2010

    i can’t say any word
    thanx for what you do

    i hope to help you

  24. hello.. do have eng., subbed videos of the sweet pottato couples..?(wgm)

  25. wow…
    thx so much for the subs..
    but i’ve been looking for cnbluetory ep 1, 2, and 4 with english subbed but i can’t find it..
    i realize now that those ep claimed by mnet..and i really sad to hear it..
    could u guys upload it on MF or MU please??please please please..i really wanna watch it with english subbed… T_T
    thank you very much.. ^^

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