Hello all!

Wow.. seriously I don’t know what to write in this page. I have been stalling this for so long. And looking at other admins (agents) wrote long notes and full of interesting information, I suddenly went blank. So, can we have this in a Q & A form instead? I’ll “answer” to questions that I always get from BOICE. Here goes nothing!

* * *

A little introduction of who’s “Fizzy”?

I go by the name Fizzy, online and offline. Hehe. I like polkadots (so random!LOL!!) I’m SEVEN years older than our Burning Jonghyun. So yeah, kind of old if you ask me. Feel free to add “onnie” (if you’re a girl) or “noona” (if you’re a boy) to my name when you say hi. My Korean name is 한별 (meaning one [and only] star).

calligraphy by @KetchBurning

I am a full time English teacher in a primary school in Malaysia. I’m also a part time student, now in my final year to complete my Bachelor of Education (in Teaching English as Second Language).

But to be honest, I think I work FULL TIME at CNBLUESTORM. 

* * *

When did you start liking CNBLUE?

I think like almost every BOICE, I watched “You’re Beautiful“. Was not a fan of “Shinwoo” though, because I like “Jeremy” in that drama. But then, one day a friend, who was also crazy about YAB at that time, introduced me to “Now or Never” and “Voice” albums. I listened to them thinking that the albums were from some foreign band or something. I was so shocked to find out that it was the band “Shinwoo” is in. They were called CNBLUE.

So I continued on listening to those two albums, without really looking for more information on the band. Then they debuted in Korea with BLUETORY. I was excited waiting for the teasers, and even signed up in when it was officially launched (register at the website, not official BOICE). When BLUELOVE came about, the love grew stronger and I knew they would be #1 in my heart from then on.

Their MUSIC Really Makes Me HIGH!

* * *

Who is your bias in CNBLUE?

What an obvious question, right? Haha. That’s just my excuse to brag about how much I love Lee Jonghyun. When they launched the teasers for BLUETORY, “Burning” teaser really made my heart skipped a beat. I loved how manly Jonghyun was in that teaser. But, looks wise, at that time he didn’t appeal to me. Not even the other members too. But somehow, when I first listened to 외톨이야 (I’m A Loner), the part that got me the most was “..check it 1,2,3.. 시계바늘만 쳐다보는게, 말안해도 다른사람 생긴걸 알아..

Indeed it was Lee Jonghyun!! I fell in love with his voice! Then I listened to their previous albums and started listening very carefully, looking for his voice. At first, I had a bit of an issue with his shoulder length hair, because I don’t really like men with long hair. So I only love his voice at first.

LOVE came out. And this time Jonghyun cut his hair. The love I had, was getting deeper and deeper. I like his new look, with short hair and very neat. However I started to miss his long hair too, and began appreciating how extremely sexy he looked with that hair. Anyways, I couldn’t choose. I’m so biased, he could shaved all his hair, but still looks good in my eyes.

I am an extremely biased BOICE-Burning Soul.

* * *

How did you get into CNBLUESTORM?

I can’t really recall the exact date, but it was on one random day when @CNBStorm on Twitter asked “How to say Thank You in Korean?”. I replied with “감사합니다” and not long after Lyna offered me to be CNBLUESTORM’s Korean translator. Haha. Yup, as easy as that!! At first I hesitated, but thinking that it’s a good way to practice my Korean language, I accepted the offer. So, I was not around when Lyna (our founder) and all the admins were struggling to build up this website. I wish I was there.

And so, my official major debut article was posted on July 28th.

There were some emotional issue happened when my first post was posted on CNBLUESTORM as my Korean is limited (still is, not improving), but at those hurtful time, CNBLUESTORM family were all very supportive of me and helped me got through the situation. That’s what made me stay, until today, because all the love that has been given to me by all the admins, and nowadays, the lovely loyal readers of CNBLUESTORM who keep on supporting us.

..’cause CNBLUE Took Us by STORM!!

* * *

I hope I did not bore you with my post! LOL It became longer than I expected it to be. Well, if I’m not writing or updating on CNBLUESTORM,  most of the time I would be on Twitter.  So please say hi! I may not be following your twitter accounts, but I don’t bite! Just say hi and I will try to respond to your tweets!


Check out my other random spaces too and do leave comments below..!




Fizzy's Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

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  1. shita143

    July 22, 2013

    salam fizzy unnie,
    nice to know u.just like u unnie, im also starting to like CMBLUE when watching YAB ㅋㅋㅋ.Fall in love to yonghwa.Im following u n love ur spirit.keep up with ur writing unnie.i like to read it. 파이띵 언니.

  2. hi fizzy, just found this blog and i am also going to ask permission so that i could extract some information here and can update another place with activities of CNBlue. Yonghwa especially. if most people here hearts for JungHyun, i am most definitely a Boice but Yonghwa bias..
    thanks in advance fr CTAlia


    • fizzyhasan

      October 7, 2012

      Hi Alya!
      Sure you can share all the info on this website.
      We just need you to link back to us and credit maybe?
      So we know you’re sharing our posts? :)

      Yonghwa biased or Jonghyun or Minhyuk or Junsghin are all welcomed. :)

  3. hiiii fizzy..i’m also from malaysia ;-)

    since we’re malaysian, i just used malay since my english is not so good

    actually, sy pn minat JH since last week..sebelum ni minat YH tp so-so jer lah sbb sy selalu kesian kat org kene reject bila love triangle nih..

    and honestly, minat YH masa dia nyanyi “i’m a loner” juga pada baris yg sama “check it 1,2,3 bla..bla..bla”…ishhh sama plak kan..haha

    now listening/downloading their concert in youtube..diorg nyanyi live lg best suara YH tu rock la..and JH buat sy cair ;-)

    top of that, i like ur post..fighting!!!ganbare!!!

    –uR oNNie–

  4. Hey soul sister!! How are you? I have a question that was just too long to ask on twitter. I run a little facebook fan group for CNBlue in my country and I was wondering if I could use your (CNBLUESTORM) translations on our page? And I mean now the translations of CNBlue’s twitter. My Korean skills are not quite good enough to translate the tweets correctly. Would you guys be so kind and allow me to? I would mention and give credit to the site as well as the one who translated of course. I really hope you could, I’m sure the Finnish Boice would really appreciate it!

    Please let me know if it’s possible!! And I hope you are well!!! ^^

    DalJa ~ Onnie


    • fizzyhasan

      May 25, 2012

      Hi onnie!!
      I’m finishing up my research paper now.

      Sure you can use the trans.
      Provided credit is mentioned. :)

  5. fizzy…do you know how much i love you?
    i love you because you are so bias
    i love how you express your bias
    i am proud because you are so bias
    and i love your bias
    you are my bias in cnbluestorm


    • fizzyhasan

      May 25, 2012

      kacchan.. i love you too..
      sometimes i think i’m being too biased.
      and people don’t like that..
      (i don’t know how to freeze my heart..ㅋㅋㅋ)

      thanks for your words!
      i’m encouraged!

  6. Hey! I cannot believe this. I had the most random thought and browsed through the ”admin” names (I’m new to your site, but already love it and how up to date it is) and thought Fizzy sounded nice. I clicked the name and what did I find? A soul sister maybe??? Hehe… I’m sorry, but that was the first thought I had when I read on. I’m addicted (in a healthy way) to my burning love!!! Lee JongHyun!!! …and I am actually 8 years older than him, which would make me your onnie! I can’t even tell you how happy I was finding an admin so close to my own age, since most of the fans I know are a lot younger. I was genuinely so happy I was grinning like an idiot at my computer! My name is Laura, but I go by my Korean name Nam DalJa. And like I mentioned before I absolutely adore JongHyun. His voice is so precious, I swear I’ll never get sick of listening to it. Even though JongHyun is my bias, I don’t really like using that word when talking about CNBlue, since I really love them as a whole unit. CNBlue wouldn’t be CNBlue without each of its members! I hope I could maybe someday join you, and help out by becoming your European translator or something like that (I speak quite a few European languages), but right now my life’s a bit too hectic since I’m moving to Australia for a year. But later, when things settle down a bit, I’ll beg you guys to take me in!!! ^^ hehehe… this turned out so long, sorry, just wanted to say hi really ^^

    Your Nam DalJa Onnie!! =^^=


    • fizzyhasan

      May 19, 2012

      First of all, WELCOME TO CNBLUESTORM, Dalja Onnie!!
      (I like your Korean name!! Was it from K-drama Dalja’s Spring? Coz I love that drama!! lol)
      And yay for you loving Burning Jonghyun!!
      Sometimes I became a bad BOICE coz I think I love him too much. Haha..

      You’re moving to Australia soon?
      Coz we might need friends in Europe if ever CNBLUE/FTI decided to really go there.
      Anyway, glad to hear from you!!

      Sent you tweets, btw. XD

      • Thank you YDS (yeodongsaeng)!!! I’m glad to be here!! ^^
        Oh yes my name definitely comes from DalJa’s Spring, my all time favorite kdrama! I really fell in love with the name.
        I’ll be staying in Australia only a year and will move back to Europe after a short Asia-tour. I’ve had this fantasy (actually dreamed about it too for real) that CNBlue would come to Europe to tour the rock festivals here, they would be a perfect band for that. A real tour, including smaller and bigger festivals all over Europe, there are so many to choose from. That would be like a dream come true. I would be there in a heartbeat, helping out with the arrangements…
        Maybe, maybe someday…
        But whatever happens regarding Europe, I’m ready to help!

        Thanks for the tweets and a quick reply!! <3



  7. zzz55

    May 13, 2012

    안녕하세요 언니~
    i’m so happy to know that we come from the same place.
    keep up the good work on sharing updates from our beloved boys :)


    • fizzyhasan

      May 19, 2012

      hi!! you’re from malaysia too?
      terima kasih for supporting us!

  8. Salam fizzy onnie :) im shocked that ur from malaysia? im malaysian tooooo :D and i wanna ask you something, do u have a fnc store account? if you do, is it safe to leave your passport account?


    • fizzyhasan

      May 19, 2012

      I forgot to answer this..
      Yup.. I have an account and it’s save to give ur passport acc.


  9. msgooddifferent

    November 19, 2011

    You are the most up-to-date blogger in this blog, i really like your humility too ;) Thanks for all your effort Fizzy onnie~ :)


    • fizzyhasan

      November 20, 2011

      Thank you..
      Too bad lately I hardly had time to update.
      So sorry sorry sorry//


      • msgooddifferent

        November 20, 2011

        it okay onnie :) we understand you have a life too, we’ll patiently wait for your updates :)

  10. hello fizzy i wanna suggest something maybe it sounds silly but i wish it could work
    through your page . i wish the admin of this website add a new webpage tab only for fans who love cnblue or one of the members .through this page fans can send gifts not material or physical but something like songs , videos .,poetry ,pictures ,designs for the group,words anything by links or upload… HOPING THE GUYS WOULD READ IT OR SEE IT . SO what you think fizzy….. girls ……… share us


    • fizzyhasan

      November 20, 2011

      Hi Ruba,

      We are actually thinking of that..
      For their anniversary.
      We will update more okay? :)

  11. i know you will spend a lot of pages even books ..if u write about mr prs …hhhhhhhh…

    i like your writing style…^^..

  12. OMG! Fizzy.. You remember that? So, it’s you!
    LOL.. I mean.. I remember asking somebody about that.. but it never occurred to me it was you.

    I miss the old times… but I don’t want to go back to those struggling moments.. hehehe…
    i was like zombie at that time.. no sleeping.. hahaha…
    i am very happy you joined. We become partners in crime.. hahaha
    Once again, thank you as always…


  13. yehljhbi72

    November 14, 2011

    I am an extremely biased Boice-Burning Soul as well! And Mr. Lee Burning Jonghyun had me @ “..check it 1,2,3.. 시계바늘만 쳐다보는게, 말안해도 다른사람 생긴걸 알아..“ as well!^^ Thanks for your hardwork Fizzy! Saranghye! :D


    • fizzyhasan

      November 14, 2011

      OMG OMG!!
      Let’s high 5!!!! hehehehehe
      Extremely-biased Boice-BurningSoul ftw!

      Thanks for your support! ;)

  14. Hi fizzy I’m ruba from Damascus it;s really nice what u wrote about you and how u fall in love with Jonghyun it’s the same with me but with yonghwa this man i love his smile his energy .Anyway even you so far from korea and still updating them this amazing I don’t know how u manage but really good job and God bless u so keep fighting *_^


    • fizzyhasan

      November 14, 2011

      Hi Ruba!!
      Wow… from Damascus?!! Hello!!

      Oh, it takes LOTS OF LOVE to juggle what I’m doing now..
      But yeah, biasness helps.

      Thanks for your support..
      Please keep on reading :)

  15. hello onnie fizzy :) i like ur name as fizzy wahihihihi ^________^
    all i can say , ur such a good writer :)
    daebak !!



    • fizzyhasan

      November 14, 2011

      Cute name? LOL

      Awww.. thanks..
      Writing is what I like to do..
      And what I HAVE to do in real life too.. :)

      Fighting too!!

  16. my favorite author in cnbluestrom…fighting !!!!!


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