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Many have asked where the word “BOICE” came from and what it means. So, since this page is going to be all about BOICE. Let’s talk about it. =)


29 March 2010 – 10:55 PM

FNC released a statement with regard to the Top 5 Choices for CNBLUE’s Fanclub Name at their Official Korean Site.  At soompi, Lyna expressed her opinion with the first five choices for CNBLUE’s official fanclub name  which were “Blue Mate”, “Blue Moon”, “Blueholic”, “ID Blue”, and “Blue Chip”. Quite randomly and out of the blue, she said that “It doesn’t have to have “Blue” in it to be certified as CNBLUE’s fans… Like Big Bang “V.I.P.” or 2NE1 “blackjacks”… We could be VOICES, the only instrument you can hear but cannot see… We are their Voices… their instruments in music… their inspiration for singing…. I just thought of that since they have an Album titled “VOICE” Many soompiers supported her idea. Since she is the administrator of this site as well, she decided to ask the cnbstorm followers what they think of “Voice” as a fanclub name. She got positive some responses. But,  she was hesitant since she didn’t know what the outcome of her suggestion would be. She wanted to keep silent and let bygones be bygones. But, that was not the case, if you know her (for those who know Lyna’s personality), she isn’t the type to keep silent and let things pass by with regret. She believed that there’s nothing wrong with voicing out her opinion. Others viewed her as too bold to step into FNC’s decision and some even found her disrespectful towards them. She believed that we should have submitted “Voice” beforehand when FNC asked for suggestions. But, if cnbstorm followers remember, we were promoting the name of the site as the fanclub name during that time. Lyna never even thought of disrespecting FNC, rather, she was trying to help them decide what could be the best fanclub name for CNBLUE. It’s only a matter of how people view things – positively or negatively.

31 March 2010

A petition asking for reconsideration to add “Voice” in choices for fanclub name. Please check this post for further information.

09 April 2010

It seemed  like FNC heard our request. They released another statement with regards to CNBLUE’s fanclub name asking for fans to suggest names without the word “blue” in it. So, that was the time when we fully campaigned for “Voice” to be the fanclub name. Below is the meaning of “Voice” for CNBLUE’s fanclub name.

목 소리 (Voice)

“Voice” is the major instrument of communication and music. Fans would like to be the instrument and inspiration of C.N.BLUE in creating their Music as well as communicate with them by supporting them and their music.

“Voice” plays an important role in conveying messages and makes a powerful effect in music. It is thru our voice we sing. We can sing without musical instruments like guitar or violin but we can’t sing without our voice. It completes a song or musical piece, adds beauty to melody and significance to the lyrics. It is thru our “Voice” that we can speak our minds, express our feelings and communicate with others. It is thru our voice that we are able to make friends and tell people we love them.

C.N.BLUE (Music) = Fans (Voice)

C.N.BLUE sings for fans and fans love them and support them and their songs. A song can’t be complete without a voice. There is voice in music and music is expressed thru voice. C.N.BLUE is here for the fans and the fans will always be there for C.N.BLUE. The two will always go together. There are no fans without C.N.BLUE and vice versa. We are always connected. We are “ONE”.

With one voice, C.N.BLUE Fighting!

By the way, VOICE in Korean is “Moksori” =) It sounds cute…

19 April 2010

FNC gave the 2nd Top 5 Choices for CNBLUE Fanclub name which are “Blue Nation”, “Boice”, “Dear”, “Decoder”, “Make Me High (pronounced as Mecca)“. We were really surprised when we found out that they changed “Voice” to “Boice”. How come? First, there is no letter “V” in Hangul and BOICE is derived from combining “Blue” with “Voice”. Since the voting is done at a Korean site, most voters were Koreans though some of us managed to vote as well. Eventually, BOICE won in the voting.

23 April 2010

Yonghwa announced through his message at their official site that BOICE is now CNBLUE’s fanclub name as he greets everyone a day before their 100th day debut. And he really likes the name. Sometime later, FNC officially announced thru CNBLUE’s Official Site that BOICE will be their fanclub name. So, I guess April 23 is BOICE Anniversary as well?

If any of the above post is wrong, please send an email to


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Name:(could be an alias or nickname)
Birth Date:
Twitter: (please provide link)
Facebook: (please provide username)
Favorite Song: (could be from any album released by CNBLUE at Japan or Korea)
Favorite Member:
I Love C.N.BLUE because (please continue this phrase)
Message for C.N.BLUE: (should not be more than 100 words and not redundant or common phrase like “C.N.BLUE Fighting!” or “Saranghe C.N.BLUE”. However, you may add those 2 words in your message. )

This wouldn’t take too much of your time. Show your love for C.N.BLUE!

743 Responses “BOICE” →

  1. Anna Vu

    July 20, 2014

    Name: Anna Vu
    Birth Date: 21/01/1999
    City: Garden Grove
    Country: The US
    Nationality: Vietnamese
    Facebook: Maria Anh
    Favorite Song: Hey You, I’m Sorry, In My Head, Because I Miss You,….
    Favorite Member: JUNG YONG HWA
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they’re talent, perfect voices,…… They make my life happy. Help me out of boring world that I used to have. Give me energy for a new day.
    Message for C.N.BLUE: 사랑해 CNBLUE. Hope you guys have many great concerts. I hope guys could be perform again in LA, California, The U.S. I have never seen you guys perform.


  2. Name: Chai
    Birth Date: November 10 1994
    City: Manila
    Country: Philippines
    Nationality: Filipino
    Facebook: chaiturtle
    Favorite Song: one of a kind, can’t stop, Love light, rock n roll, run, thank you, love girl,now or never, blue sky
    Favorite Member: I can’t hardly choose. but okay i’ll choose kang minhyuk and lee jungshin for the top 1 members
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they are not just typical korean group. they are a BAND!with real instruments and no dancing. They portray a boy band with a cute sense. They make me love korean music and they make me wanna sing so hard i can’t even hit the right notes.
    Message for C.N.BLUE: You guys are amazing, awesome and Rock at the same time! thank you for showing me that there is more to band than western bands.. C.N.BLUE saranghae and fighting!



  3. mikaella wenchelle morales

    July 7, 2014

    Name: Mikaella Wenchelle Morales
    Birth Date: November 9,2001
    City: Manila
    Country: Philippines
    Nationality: Filipino
    Facebook: Mikaella Wenchelle Menor Morales
    Favorite Song: Can’t Stop, Im a Loner, Im Sorry, Hey you, Friday, Sweet Holiday, Still, Love light, Imagine..
    Favorite Member: All of them specially Jung Yong Hwa Oppa and Kang MinHyuk Oppa
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they’re music is the best .. ANd they are so nice, funny and cute..
    Message for C.N.BLUE: Hi Oppas! Im your #1 fan from Philippines Stay very good and stay handsome as you all are Im Proud to be BOICE.. I will always support you Oppas, 4EVER!.. Saranghae ♥ FIGHTING!



  4. Vanassa

    July 7, 2014

    Name: Vanassa
    Birth Date: 11 April 2002
    City: Sydney
    Country: Australia
    Nationality: Vietnamese
    Facebook: Vanassaa Himee – vanessa.tran.02
    Favorite Song: Can’t Stop
    Favorite Member: Kang Min Hyuk
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they all look cute, plays instruments, funny and friendly for charity.
    Message for C.N.BLUE: hello!! #1 fan. (maybe..) but i hope. cnblue, keep up with the good work and come to Australia soon!! even though you’ve been to Australia in 2013 but CNBLUE FIGHTING!! i’ll be here supporting you every second, hour, days and years.


  5. Name: Che
    Birth Date: Feb 20 1984
    City: Manila
    Country: Philippines
    Nationality: Filipino
    Facebook: Che Rojo
    Favorite Song: Cant Stop, Cold Love, Coffee Shop, One Time
    Favorite Member: Jung Yong Hwa
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they’re music is the best for me. It has dinstinct quality.
    Message for C.N.BLUE: I hope you keep doin what you love and that’s making good music for all the boices worldwide. I also hope to see you soon in my country for your concert/performance. I recently became a big fan of your music.THANK YOU and Saranghae CNBLUE. Fighting! :)



  6. RH, Katherine

    June 2, 2014

    Name: Kat
    Birthday : 2000.12.07
    City : France
    Nationality: French – Vietnamese
    Facebook : Linh Katherine
    Favorite Song: Still, Can’t Stop, HEART Song, Love, I’m a Loner, Where You Are, Blind Love
    Favorite Member: Jung YongHwa
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they kept me away from my boring life, kept me away from my tireness. They give me effort to play piano better, mostly, they made me a nice girl
    Message for C.N.BLUE: Thank you for your existing. I love you all. Always be your Boice :)



    • RH, Katherine

      June 2, 2014

      I mean, the City is not France but the country :) Huge mistake


  7. Nombre: Pri
    Fecha de nacimiento: 09/06/1994
    Ciudad: Valdivia
    País: Chile
    Nacionalidad: Chilena
    Canción favorita: Feeling
    Miembro favorita: Jung Yong Hwa
    Amo CNBLUE porque cada vez que escucho una de sus canciones me siento mejor, las letras de ellas representan sentimientos que no podrían haber sido mejor escritos, por que amo a CNBLUE por que estoy agradecida.
    Mensaje de CNBLUE: Chicos muchas gracias, por seguir adelante, por realizar sus sueños y no rendirse, por sus hermosas canciones GRACIAS <3.



  8. Dorothy Sofia Lamoste

    May 7, 2014

    Birth Date:03/25/1998
    City: Laoag City
    Country: Philippines
    Nationality: Filipino
    Facebook: Dorothy Sofia Lamoste
    Favorite Song: Try Again Smile Again, Love Light, Love Girl, Can’t Stop, Love Is, Lie, My Miracle, Blind Love
    Favorite Member: Jung Yong Hwa
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they are the reason why I am trying my very best to achieve my dreams in Life. C.N. Blue changed my boring world. I just love C.N. Blue, no word(s) can express my love for them.
    Message for C.N.BLUE: I may not be like the other boices out there but I know in my heart that I am your #1 fan. I’m always right here supporting you in every step you make.



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