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Many have asked where the word “BOICE” came from and what does it mean. So, since this page is going to be all about BOICE. Let’s talk about it. =)


29 March 2010 – 10:55 PM
FNC released a statement with regards to Top 5 Choices for CNBLUE’s Fanclub Name at their Official Korean Site.  Lyna expressed her disappointment with the first five choices for CNBLUE’s official fanclub name  which are “Blue Mate”, “Blue Moon”, “Blueholic”, “ID Blue”, and “Blue Chip”. As of why she is disappointed, please check her post at soompi. And randomly out of the blue, she suggested “It doesn’t have to have “Blue” in it to be certified as CNBLUE’s fans… Like Big Bang “V.I.P.” or 2NE1 “blackjacks”… We could be VOICES, the only instrument you can hear but cannot see… We are their Voices… their instruments in music… their inspiration for singing…. I just thought of that randomly since they have an Album titled “VOICE”” Many soompiers seem to support her idea. Since she is the administrator of this site as well, she decided to ask the cnbstorm followers what they think of “Voice” as fanclub name. She got positive response. But still she’s hesitant since she still didn’t know what would be the outcome of her suggestion. She wanted to keep silent and let bygones be bygones. But if you should have known, (for those who know Lyna’s personality), she isn’t the type to keep silent and let things pass-by with regret. She believes that there’s nothing wrong with voicing out her opinion. Others viewed her as too bold to step into FNC’s decision. Some find her to be disrespectful towards them. We should have submitted “Voice” beforehand when FNC asked for suggestions. But if cnbstorm followers remember, we are promoting the name of the site as the fanclub name during that time. Lyna have never thought of disrespecting FNC but rather helping them to decide what could be the best fanclub name for CNBLUE. It only matters of how you view it positively or negatively.

31 March 2010
Lyna suggested to make a petition asking for reconsideration to add “Voice” in their choices. Please check this post for further information.

09 April 2010
It seems like FNC heard our request. They released another statement with regards to CNBLUE’s fanclub name asking for fans to suggest names without the word “blue” in it. So, that’s the time when we fully campaign for “Voice” to be the fanclub name. Below is the meaning of “Voice” for CNBLUE’s fanclub name.

목 소리 (Voice)

“Voice” is the major instrument of communication and music. Fans would like to be the instrument and inspiration of C.N.BLUE in creating their Music as well as communicate with them thru supporting them and their music.

“Voice” plays an important role in conveying messages and makes a powerful effect in music. It is thru our voice we sing. We can sing without musical instruments like guitar or violin but we can’t sing without a voice. It completes a song or musical piece, adds beauty to melody and significance to the lyrics. It is thru our “Voice” that we can speak our minds, express our feelings and communicate with others. It is thru our voice that we are able to make friends and tell people we love them.

C.N.BLUE (Music) = Fans (Voice)

C.N.BLUE sings for fans and fans love them thru supporting them and their songs. A song can’t be complete without a voice. There is voice in music and music is express thru voice. C.N.BLUE are here for the fans as well as fans will always be there for C.N.BLUE. The two always go together. There are no fans without C.N.BLUE and vice versa. We are always connected. We are “one”.

With one voice, C.N.BLUE Fighting!

By the way, VOICE in Korean is “Moksori” =) It sounds cute…

19 April 2010
FNC gave the 2nd Top 5 Choices for CNBLUE Fanclub name which are “Blue Nation”, “Boice”, “Dear”, “Decoder”, “Make Me High (pronounced as Mecca)“. We were really surprised when we found out that they changed “Voice” to “Boice”. How come? First, there is no letter “V” in their Hangul character and BOICE is derived from combining “Blue” with “Voice”. Since the voting is done at a Korean site, most voters are Koreans though some of us managed to vote as well. Eventually, BOICE won in the voting.

23 April 2010
Yonghwa announced through his message at their official site that BOICE is now CNBLUE’s fanclub name as he greets everyone a day before their 100th day debut. And he really like the name. Not later, FNC officially announced thru CNBLUE’s Official Site that BOICE will be their fanclub name. So, I guess April 23 is BOICE Anniversary as well?

Please correct me if any of the above post is wrong.


Please fill in the following fields and post it as a comment. You may not answer the fields which you find unnecessary or don’t want to share in public.

Name:(could be an alias or nickname)
Birth Date:
Twitter: (please provide link)
Facebook: (please provide username)
Favorite Song: (could be from any album released by CNBLUE at Japan or Korea)
Favorite Member:
I Love C.N.BLUE because (please continue this phrase)
Message for C.N.BLUE: (should not be more than 100 words and not redundant or common phrase like “C.N.BLUE Fighting!” or “Saranghe C.N.BLUE”. However, you may add those 2 words in your message. )

This wouldn’t take too much of your time. Show your love for C.N.BLUE!

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  1. Name: Valery Ferko
    Birth Date: March 12th, 1995
    City: Riga
    Country: Latvia
    Nationality: Latvian, Russian, Ukrainian
    Facebook: valery.ferko
    Favorite Song: No More, Illusion, Lie, Black Flower
    Favorite Member: Favourite is Lee Jonghyun, but I love all members!
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they always do their best! I like their music style a looot!
    Message for C.N.BLUE: Guys, I love you sooo much! Your amazing songs always make me feel much more better! You re AMAZING!!! I’ll always support you!

  2. Good


  3. Ha-Neul Jeon

    October 30, 2012

    Name: Ha-Neul Jeon (전하늘)
    Birth Date: May 9th
    City: London
    Country: England
    Nationality: S. Korean
    Twitter: (i dont have twitter :/ )
    Facebook: Ha-Neul Jeon
    Favorite Song: Intuition (직감) but i like ALL their songs!! <3
    Favorite Member: JUNG YONG HWA!!! <3 <3
    I LOVE CNBLUE because…
    they're amazingg at singing, amazing at the instruments they've been allocated to, funny, great musicians, soo talented, kind and handsome~~~ :D
    Message for C.N.BLUE: 씨엔블루 오빠들~!! 안녕하새요!!! 오빠들은 넘넘 노래도 잘하고, 악기도 잘키고.. 아~~ 넘 멋있어요!! 힘내요~!!!! 사랑해요!! <3 ;)

    vote for cnblue!!!!! MAMA awards!!!

  5. Name:Pamela
    Birth Date: 20/03/1995
    City: Sydney
    Country: Australia
    Nationality: Lao
    Facebook: N/A
    Favorite Song: Black flower, Lie, Coward, LOVE, Run, Hey you, Feeling, Get away, I’m a loner, With me, Intuition, No more, Just please, I don’t know why, Where you are and My miracle!
    Favorite Member: Lee Jonghyun! As to why, charming, cutest dimples, mysterious and with passion that ‘burns’ hehe. He’s just perfect.
    I Love C.N.BLUE because their music is just DAEBAK! Not only are they idols, but they are musicians, writing and composing their own songs which I really appreciate. Also their journey, starting in Japan and doing street performances where hardly no one came to having big concerts around all of Asia and now even in London with up to 4,000 people just makes me love them all the more. Each member also possess their own individual charms and especially good looks (drool).
    Message for C.N.BLUE: C.N.BLUE! Please continue to produce the awesome music you already do. I hope you guys continue to work hard so that you can achieve all your goals and in the future, tour the whole world and became just like those you aspire to be. As a BOICE, I will always support you guys no matter what!!! ^^ C.N.BLUE, Thank you for everything, and take care of yourselves.^^ I will listen to your music always.


  6. ana.grace

    September 29, 2012

    Birth Date: October 27
    City: Bulacan
    Country: Philippines
    Nationality: Filipina
    Favorite Song: Have a Goodnight, No More, Bluesky, Tattoo, Y Why, Because I miss you, Im a loner, Intuition and all songs and compose of YH
    Favorite Member: YONGHWA and all of them.
    I Love C.N.BLUE because; They are talented, handsome and like their personality
    Message for C.N.BLUE: Keep up a goodwork, and always think positive.

  7. Name: Lauren Rowe
    City: Niagara Falls
    Country: Canada
    Nationality: Canadian
    Favorite Song: LOVE GIRL, Oetoriya, Geek In The Pink cover.
    Favorite Member: All of you ^o^
    Message for C.N.BLUE: Curious if you guys will ever do a Canada show in Toronto or any upper US shows. So many of us love everything you put out. A friend of mine mentioned it’d be really neat, and probably fun for you guys to film, to do a food fight in a music video. Just listening to your music is so uplifting! x


  8. lucylovescnblue1

    September 26, 2012

    Name: Lucy Lu
    Birth Date: 28 Feb
    City: Adelaide
    Country: Australia
    Nationality: Chinese
    Twitter: N/A
    Facebook: N/A
    Favorite Song: All of them. (1.Dream Boy)
    Favorite Member: Jung Yong Hwa + Kang Min Hyuk
    I Love C.N.BLUE because THEY ARE ALL SO FREAKING HOT!!! and cute
    Message for C.N.BLUE: I love you so much. I almost got tickets to the Sydney Kpop Concert when my mum started screaming at me for buying tickets without asking her. Apparently, I was too young to go!

    P.S. Next time you come to Australia, come to ADELAIDE, NOT Sydney.

  9. i love cnblue 4ever ^_^

  10. Name:gardenia
    Birth Date:27/6/1995
    City: i live in fujairah
    Country: i live in uae
    Nationality: iraq
    Twitter: i haven’t
    Facebook: i haven’t
    Favorite Song: there are so many
    Favorite Member: i love 4 of them
    I Love C.N.BLUE because i love their music and singing also i love them when they act , and i feel happy just from watching their pictures , i love their personality too.
    Message for C.N.BLUE: hi cnblue i love your music please keep going i don’t know if you will read this but i really hope the best for you, cnblue fighting!

  11. 오빠들 안녕하세요! 저는 씨엔블루의 팬 보이스 배다인이라고 합니다 항상 응원하겠습니다ㅎㅎ사랑합니다!

  12. Name: xyzfuxyz
    Birth Date: September 4th
    Country: China
    Nationality: HKSAR China
    Twitter: N/A
    Favorite Song: I’m A Loner, In My Head, Love light, Love Revolution, Banmal Song
    Favorite Member: Jung YongHwa
    I Love C.N.BLUE because gugoma couple,their song, talented and handsome guys.
    Message for C.N.BLUE: Hope CN Blue will come to Hong Kong ASAP,and tell me that YongHwa still fall in love with seohyoon. : )

  13. Name:Dayi
    Birth Date: December 4th
    Country: USA
    Nationality: American, Taiwanese, Chinese
    Favorite Song: I’m A Loner, In My Head, Intuition,Hey You, Because I Miss You, I Will Forget You
    Favorite Member: Jung YongHwa Kang MinHyuk
    I Love C.N.BLUE because the they are possibly the most talented and beautiful people to ever exist.
    Message for C.N.BLUE: FREAKING COME TO NEW YORK. I’m crying everyday because you never come. And, now I hear you’re doing a concert in L.A. *sob* Why can’t I live in L.A.?

  14. Name: J3nn (short for Jennifer)
    Birth Date: 16 Oct
    City: Subang Jaya
    Country: Malaysia
    Nationality: Malaysian
    Twitter: NA
    Facebook: jennifer thong
    Favorite Song: Hey You/Because I miss you/Friday/Love/Y.Why/Still in Love/Intuition
    Favorite Member: Jung Shin & Yong Hwa
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they are a good indie band, multi talented too
    Message for C.N.BLUE: Keep up the good work…!!!

  15. Name:(ZAINAB)
    Birth Date:22\9
    Twitter: (I DON’T JOIN’
    Facebook: (z-rock boice ” “)
    Favorite Song: (i’m a loner)
    Favorite Member: i love u all .. u r like one soul in 4 bodys
    I Love C.N.BLUE because (i can’t tell u why.. b cz when i start i will not finish)
    Message for C.N.BLUE:
    c.nblue we love u so much.. i’m ur big fan.. but plzzzzz my angels care about ur arab fans spicaly iraqi fans :’(( TOT.. come to iraq=-= plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .. i allways dream in u .. LOVE U FOR EVER AND I WILL SUPPORT U ALWAYS .. MY HEART BEATING FOR U.PLZ DON’T CARE FOR ANTIS THEY R JEALOUS LOVE U LOVE U FOR EVER .. I LOVE U LIKE PEOPLE .. THEN I LOVE U LIKE SINGERS.


  16. jamyung(bukku)

    September 10, 2012

    Yes, unfortunately, our favorite band (c.n blue) did not Care about Amazigh fans and arab fans so I am very sad for that ^ ~ ^
    anyway we will keep supporting cnblue and we will wait for them to come her
    i wish that c.n blue comes to libya.
    c.n blue hwaiting ^_^

  17. ToT
    I WILL KILL U… :”((

  18. Please come to the U.S.A. again . If you can come near other states like Michigan and Ohio that would be great. Good job on your new album.


  19. Novilia Tandias

    September 4, 2012

    씨엔블루 오빠 그리고 용화 오빠, 안녕하세요 ~ ^^
    Name: Novilia Tandias
    Birth Date: 13 November 1992
    City: Tai Zhong (台中)
    Country: Taiwan (台北-대만)
    Nationality: Indonesian (인도네시아)
    Twitter: (or @NoviliaTandias)
    Facebook: (or Novilia Tandias)
    Favorite Song: 외톨이야, Hey You!
    Favorite Member: 정용화 오빠
    I Love C.N.BLUE because I LOVE all the the song, the song is unique, and it’s different from the other band and i really admire 용화 오빠, he’s genius of making song and he’s really my ideal type LOL :D
    Message for C.N.BLUE: I hope we can meet sometimes! :) 사랑해 용화 오빠, 씨엔블루 화이팅!!!


  20. jamyung(bukku)

    September 2, 2012


  21. jamyung(bukku)

    September 2, 2012

  22. “IRAQ BOICE ”
    love u soooooooooooooo much…
    fighting c.n blue ^_^,
    love u all
    all of u handsome,,
    all of u cute..
    BOICE #1
    MARRY ME <3 _ <3

  23. Name: Zetta
    Birth Date:
    City: Heilbronn
    Country: Germany
    Nationality: Indonesian
    Twitter: (please provide link)
    Facebook: (please provide username)
    Favorite Songs: Teardrops in the Rain, Love Light, Kimio, Hey You
    Favorite Members: Lee Jonghyun, Jung Yonghwa
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they came as a band,they don’t do dance,and each are very talented in music
    Message for C.N.BLUE: im looking foward to see you guys in Germany.

  24. Name: Mhean
    Birth Date: 02 December
    City: Taguig
    Country: Philippines
    Nationality: Filipino
    Twitter: (please provide link)
    Facebook: (please provide username)
    Favorite Song: For The First Time Lovers (Banmal)
    Favorite Member: Jung Yong Hwa, great voice, watched a lot of his tv shows appearances,
    I Love C.N.BLUE because at first by Shin Woo, I really like him in You’re Beautiful. And after knowing he has a band, I searched for it and then listen to their songs. CN Blue are very talented and unique. Love them. Jungshin Chingu is very funny, Kang Min Hyuk is funny and Jong Hyun is very handsome and great voice also.

    Message for C.N.BLUE: C.N.BLUE Fighting! Hope you will visit Philippines someday!!

  25. So Voice >>> Boice

    Makes me think if the Korean way to say it is

    “Boksori” (pretty cute xD)

    nice timeline btw~

  26. Name: Mary
    Birth Date: 29January1993
    City: Alburimi
    Country: sultanate of Oman
    Nationality: Omani
    Twitter: @koreanGirl16
    Face book: -
    Favorite Song: all songs and the most Favorite Song for me Dream Boy and Coward
    Favorite Member: Jung Yong Hwa
    I Love C.N.BLUE because: I Love C.N.BLUE because when I heard their song i feel so happy and Enthusiastic and feel relaxed when i saw their smile i feel energetic.
    Message for C.N.BLUE: we all love you CNblue and we want to listen to your songs and I want to CNBLUE to be in a good health and bee strong all time I want to see you all the time “C.N.BLUE Fighting!” Jung yong Hwa Saranghe and all CNBLUE teams .. Fighting boys ^^


  27. Jernella Chedick

    August 14, 2012

    Name: Jernella CHedick (Shari :nickname)
    Birth Date: 13.12.96
    City: not a city but a village: Maracas
    Country: Trinidad
    Nationality: Trinidadian
    Twitter: :( don’t have one :(
    Facebook: Sparkle Chedick
    Favorite Song: I’m a Loner
    Favorite Member: Jeong Shin
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they keep it real, they have serious talent they are just AWESOME
    Message for C.N.BLUE: I love You guys and i want you to keep playing music and don’t ever break up… i will cry! “Saranghe C.N.BLUE”. Dont forget you are loved! <3 :D


  28. michelle lei

    August 11, 2012



  29. sozane kristle keith ong

    August 9, 2012

    name: Sozane Kristle Keith Ong
    birhdate: july 30
    country: Philippines
    nationality: Filipino
    Twitter: @kitkaycutie
    favorite song: all songs of CNBLUE
    favorie member: jung yong hwa
    I love CNBLUE since he first time i saw yong hwa at a drama hes beauiful… ! :D


  30. sozane kristle keith ong

    August 9, 2012

    hello!! my name is Sozane i like cnblue so much!! :D


  31. yong hwa a.k.a kinakokinot

    August 6, 2012

    thanks 4 make website..CNBLUE is my life 4ever….

  32. Name : Juliana Tan
    Birth Date : 2nd August
    Country : Singapore
    Nationality : Singaporean
    Facebook : Juliana Tan
    Resorts World Sentosa
    Favourite Songs : All albums of CN BLUE
    Favorite Member : Yong Hwa, Jung Shin, Min Hyuk and Jong Hyun.
    I love CN BLUE because they are awesome and very talented. I like their songs and the way they play their guitars and Min Hyuk the way he play the band is awesome. I like to join the fan club in Singapore. May I know how to go about it. And hope CN BLUE will hold a concert in Singapore. Look forward to it 


  33. katrina bondoc

    August 1, 2012

    @cjane yue Because I Miss You is not a song of CNBLUE :D


  34. jacklyn pogalin

    July 31, 2012

    Name: Jacklyn Pogalin
    Birth Date: June 11, 1991
    City: Jakarta
    Country: Indonesia
    Nationality: Indonesian
    Facebook: Jacklyn Pogalin
    Favorite Song: STAR, Teardrops in the rain, I will forget you, I’m a loner, because I miss you, love light, Dream boy, my love (ost AGD), and many more hehe
    Favorite Member: Lovely Kang Min Hyuk
    I Love C.N.BLUE because: they are a band and extraordinary men, rely on each other and loyal friend. I love them because they show the quality of music, which makes me happy when I listen to.
    Message for C.N.BLUE: Rely on God in every step, although there aremany problems, keep on working to do the best. Remember, we always support you (do the best and let God do the rest) i love you guys.


  35. cjane yue

    July 31, 2012

    Birth Date:January 1, 1995
    City:Davao City
    Facebook: cjane.yue23
    Favorite Song: Because I Miss You, Hey You, (all of their songs :*
    Favorite Member:Jun Yong Hwa
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they rock my world! They’re so amazing :))
    Message for C.N.BLUE: Continue your very good work which inspire many people like us, even we’re commoner. May God blessed you all the time. And i hope i would be one of the BOICE :(

  36. Name: Zyra
    Birth Date: April 7
    City:Batangas City
    Country: Philippines
    Facebook: Zyra Rubio
    Favorite Song: Still In Love, Hey You, High Fly, Love
    Favorite Member: Yong Hwa, Min Hyuk, Jung Shin, Jong Hyun ( I love them all) ^__^
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they are all awesome. they are not just a bunch of talented persons but a group binned by friendship (impression). they really complete each other. :)
    Message for C.N.BLUE:keep making great songs! explore on other genres. i’m confident with your versatility guys! please visit the Philippines. ^_^ Go CN BLUE! We Support You! :)


  37. ##$$%%^^#$%^

    July 20, 2012



  38. jamyung(bukku)

    July 20, 2012

    tomorrow is the first day in ramadan the month that all of muslims waited for it is the month of mercy and peace,ramadan blessed for everyone ^_^

  39. Name:Wurii Global
    Birth Date:June 18th
    City: Yogyakarta
    Country: Indonesia
    Nationality: Indonesia
    Facebook: Wuri Apik Ajjha
    Favorite Song: One time, Hey You, Wanna be like u, Teardrops in the rain, I’am a loner, In My head,
    Favorite Member: Jung Yong Hwa
    I Love C.N.BLUE because their skill of a music is so good, so awesome and they’re so talented. Every listen their song I felt so happyand felt so fly high.
    Message for C.N.BLUE: Always together and support to each other and always make a song with your skill, with your love that can make we so fly high.Be like yourself ! :D dont forget to keep in touch with us and always do ur best :)
    we love u all so much ! :)

  40. Name: Aqualy (nick)
    Birth date: January 20th
    City: Malang
    Country: Indonesia
    Fav.Song: Love Light
    Fav. member: I love them equaly ^_*
    I don’t know how to explain why i love them,but not for the look of course (many singers/band have very good look too) …one thing for sure CNBLUE is the only korean Singer/band in music collections.

    Message to CNBLUE :

    “Stay humble ….다축자!!!”


  41. Miranda Kristel G. Tongco

    July 8, 2012

    Name: Miranda Kristel Tongco
    Birth Date: June 20
    City: Malolos, Bulacan
    Country: Philippines
    Nationality: Born-again Christian
    Facebook: Miranda Kristel Garcia
    Favorite Song: (could be from any album released by CNBLUE at Japan or Korea)
    Favorite Member:
    I Love C.N.BLUE because when i heard their song i feel so happy and feel relaxed when i saw their smile i feel energetic.
    Message for C.N.BLUE: Annyeong oppa yonghwa,jonghyun,minhyuk,jungshin how are you? always take care, please visit our country Philippines so i can show how much i love you, you know what my electric guitar is also same with electric guitar of jonghyun im proud to say that i love CNBLUE and more power and blessings.. :) CNBLUE is the best


  42. insutsu

    July 3, 2012

    Name: Sánta Barbara
    Birth Date:1996. május 23.
    City: Tab
    Country: Hungary
    Nationality: Hungarian
    Twitter: -
    Favorite Song: Intuition, Love Girl, I’m a Loner, Love, One of Kind, Let\’s go Crazy
    Favorite Member:Jeong Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk, Kwon Kwang Jin
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they’re talented,contact with the audience and fans
    Message for C.N.BLUE: Bring it on! Come to Hungary to play live, because there are a lot of fans! I love you!

  43. Name: Sánta Barbara
    Birth Date:1996. május 23.
    City: Tab
    Country: Hungary
    Nationality: Hungarian
    Twitter: -
    Favorite Song: Intuition, Love Girl, I’m a Loner, Love, One of Kind, Let’s go Crazy
    Favorite Member:Jeong Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk, Kwon Kwang Jin
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they’re talented,contact with the audience and fans
    Message for C.N.BLUE: Bring it on! Come to Hungary to play live, because there are a lot of fans! I love you!

  44. I am very happy that there is a website for CN Blue fanatics

  45. Name: Zakia
    Birth Date: May 05, 1991
    City: Malang, East Java
    Country: Indonesia
    Nationality: Indonesian
    Twitter: -
    Facebook: -
    Favorite Song: love light, still in love…and so many…
    Favorite Member:Jung Yonghwa
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they’re extremely talented, and all their song was so nice and always easy listening
    Message for C.N.BLUE: when will you come to Indonesia? your concert last year in Indonesia was canceled, I was very sad of that.I hope CNBLUE will come to Indonesia in the near future. Many other Korean artists who come to Indonesia, but I want to see you guys and when you come to Indonesia, I would definitely come to see your performance guys. So, please please come to our country..I have one request, if you come to Indonesia, I beg your concerts are held in Surabaya, not in Jakarta..(^_^)…because Indonesia has big cities other than Jakarta, Surabaya one of them …PLeaseeee….Thank You..
    I pray CNBLUE will be greater for future… Saranghae =)


  46. jamyung(bukku)

    June 23, 2012


  47. jamyung(bukku)

    June 23, 2012

    Message for C.N BLUE: http: //
    Although you didn’t understand the meaning of it, but did you feel comfortable in inside when you listened to it ?
    that’s islam, it makes you feel comfortable and peace inside your heart.
    c.n blue hwaiting ^ ^


  48. Evelyn Giovanni

    June 22, 2012

    Name : Evelyn Giovanni
    Birth Date: 17th June
    City : Jakarta
    Country : Indonesia
    Twitter :!/evelyngiovanni
    Facebook :
    Favorite Song: Love Girl, Hey You, I’m a Loner.
    Favorite Member: Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun and Kang Minhyuk
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they’re creative, talented, cool, handsome, and kind ^^
    Message for C.N.BLUE: Keep make so many good listening song, keep in touch with other member :)

    “All good music resembles something. Good music stirs by its mysterious resemblance to the objects and feelings which motivated it.”
    Jean Cocteau

  49. Name:Festi Wanda
    Birth Date: May 31st
    City: Jakarta
    Country: Indonesia
    Nationality: Indonesian
    Facebook: Festi Wanda
    Favorite Song: Love Light, Intuition, In My Head
    Favorite Member: Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun
    I Love C.N.BLUE because they’re talented
    Message for C.N.BLUE: Dance like no one’s watching. Love like you’ve never been hurt.
    Sing like no one’s listening. Work like you don’t need the money. Live like today’s the last day of your life.


  50. jamyung(bukku)

    June 10, 2012


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