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[IG|Trans] Yonghwa shared picture with his parents on Instagram (10.21.2015)

October 31, 2015 by


Jung Yonghwa was appointed as the ambassador for <2016 Busan ‘One-Asia Festival’>, and the Appointment Ceremony was held today, October 21, 2015 at Busan City Hall. Upon the occasion he posted a picture of him and his proud parents: “@jyheffect0622: 2016 부산 원아시아페스티발 홍보대사 정용화 !!! 자랑스러워 하시는 부모님 ㅎㅎ” [Trans] “@jyheffect0622: 2016 Busan One-Asia Ambassador Jung Yonghwa !!! […]

[IG|Trans] Jung Yonghwa thanked fans for support as promotion for “Cinderella” ended (10.10.2015)

October 31, 2015 by


Jung Yonghwa expressed his gratitude toward fans for supporting CNBLUE‘s promotional activity through his Instagram on October 10, 2015. He posted: “@jyheffect0612: 오늘을 마지막으로 공식적인 음악방송 활동이 끝났습니다. 감사합니다. 어떻게 지나간지도 모른채 흘러간 것 같아요. 많이 사랑해주셔서 감사합니다. 여러분들이 제가 투자한 노력보다 훨씬 더 열심히 응원해주셔서 반성을 하게되네요. 늘 감사합니다🙏🙏” [Trans] “@jyheffect0612: Today, promotional activity on music show […]

[Twitter|Photos|Trans] Kang Minhyuk thanked fans for food support on the set of his upcoming movie (10.18.2015)

October 31, 2015 by


Kang Minhyuk is set to play a supporting role in the upcoming movie <Marital Harmony> (Goong Hap), starring Lee Seung Gi and Shim Eun Kyung, which is scheduled for release in 2016. 

[Twitter|Instagram|Trans] CNBLUE wishes fans a happy Chuseok! #씨엔블루 #신데렐라

September 29, 2015 by


CNBLUE wishes fans a happy Chuseok! Chuseok is Korean Thanksgiving, and at this time of the year Koreans usually spend Chuseok holiday with their family.

[IG|Photos|Trans] #CNBLUE members begin countdown for their comeback #2gether

September 4, 2015 by


In Sept. 1, 2015, FNC released teasers for Ver. A of CNBLUE‘s upcoming korean comeback album “2gether” to be released on Sept. 14, 2015. Teasers for Ver. B were released the following day. (Sept.2) CNBLUE members took to their personal Instagram accounts to remind their fans to look forward for their upcoming comeback. Sept. 1 updates: “@cnbluegt: 오늘 […]

[Infos|Photos] #CNBLUE 2nd album #2gether

September 3, 2015 by


One year and seven months after the mini-album Can’t Stop, CNBLUE will be finally back in Korea with the second full album titled 2gether. Following the release of the two cover jacket versions, FNC Entertainment posted the first pictures of the album’s two versions. 2gether Version A 2gether Version B Few days later, the tracklist […]

[Twitter|Instagram|Photos] CNBLUE Updates from “One More Fine Day” Encore Concert (07.19.2015)

July 26, 2015 by


Jung Yonghwa had just wrapped up his solo Asia Tour <One Fine Day> on July 19, 2015 with his encore concert “One More Fine Day” held in Seoul. Fellow members Minhyuk and Jungshin, along with Yonghwa himself, gave updates on the concert through their respective SNS accounts. Jungshin posted on his Instagram: “@leejungshin91: #Onemorefineday” Yonghwa posted on his Twitter: @JYHeffect: […]


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