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[Twitter|Photo|Trans] Yonghwa shared his photos in Hongkong (03.20.2015)

March 21, 2015 by


@JYHeffect: Hongkong bus~ 홍콩버스~ @JYHeffect: It’s Holiday in Hongkong today!!! @JYHeffect: 오늘은 홍콩에서의 휴일!!! @JYHeffect: (I’m) Enjoying the holiday @JYHeffect: 즐거운 휴가~~~ @JYHeffect:    @JYHeffect:  Ohoh so great~~~ @JYHeffect: 오오 대박~~~ @JYHeffect:  Source: JYHeffect @twitter Translated & Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm

[Twitter|Photo|Trans] Yonghwa thanked fans in Hongkong and shares a photo with his Mom (03.20.2015)

March 21, 2015 by


@JYHeffect: Thank u HK!!! Source: JYHeffect @twitter Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm

[Twitter|Photos] Tourist Yonghwa in Hongkong (03.18.2015)

March 19, 2015 by


@JYHeffect: In HK!!! Source: JYHeffect @twitter Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm

[Twitter|Photos|Trans] Yonghwa shares a series of cute selca during his successful One Fine Day concert Tour in Osaka

March 16, 2015 by


@JYHeffect: Hihi,, @JYHeffect: 헷,, @JYHeffect: Osaka!!!!!! Daebak!!! Woah one f.i.n.e day is really a big hit.. @JYHeffect: 오사카!!!!!! 대박!!! 아오 one f.i.n.e day 대박인듯.. @JYHeffect: Noo.. Noona.. (Older Sister) @JYHeffect: 누..누나… Yonghwa just shared this photo without any tweet ;) @JYHeffect: Wooh @JYHeffect: 우오 @JYHeffect: Osaka~~~ Today oh oh the best oh oh oh !!!! […]

[Twitter|Photo|Trans] Yonghwa and Jungshin thanked Twitter (03.10.2015)

March 11, 2015 by


@JYHeffect: Thank you Twitter! I will play with this alone at home. @JYHeffect: 트위터 고마워요 집에서 혼자 해야지 Before tweeting this photo, yonghwa posted another tweet ^^ @JYHeffect: What to eat~~~~~~ @JYHeffect: 뭐먹지~~~~~~   @MentalShin: Twitter, thank you ㅋ @MentalShin: 트위터 고마워요 ㅋ Source: JYHeffect and MentalShin @Twitter Translated and Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm

[Weibo|Twitter|Photos|Trans] Jung Yonghwa successfully started his One Fine Day concert Tour in Tokyo (03.07.2015)

March 8, 2015 by


郑容和89: One fine day in Tokyo @JYHeffect: 1st show in Tokyo is the best!!!!!!!! Thank you everyone. I will never forget this day~~~~ One Find day tour will continue!!! @JYHeffect:  도쿄 첫번째 공연 최고!!!!!!!! 꺄오 감사합니다 여러분 잊지않을게요~~~~ one find day는 계속 된다!!! Yonghwa tweeted again probably because of his typo… @JYHeffect: I’m fine…  FNC […]

[Twitter|Photo|Trans] Yonghwa successfully ended his One Fine Day Solo concerts in Seoul (03.01.2015)

March 2, 2015 by


@JYHeffect: One fine day! 3 happy days has ended! Unforgettable joyful moment! I remember it again~ (One Fine Day lyrics) @JYHeffect: One fine day!!! 행복한 3일이 끝났습니다!!!!! 잊지 못할 행복한 시간들!!! 기~억~이~ 또 나네요~~~~ @JYHeffect: Enjoy your meal, everyone ^^ This is just the start of a one fine day…..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ @JYHeffect: 여러분들 맛있게 드세요^^ one fine day는 […]


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