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[Twitter|IG|Trans] CNBLUE ARENA TOUR 2014 “WAVE” ended successfully (2014.12.04)

December 4, 2014 by


CNBLUE has successfully ended the ARENA TOUR 2014 “WAVE” with the two last performances at Nippon Gaishi Hall, Nagoya. Staff and members updated their Twitter and Instagram account after the second day live in Nagoya this December 4th. @fncmusicjapan: 【CNBLUE】ARENA TOUR 2014”WAVE”名古屋・日本ガイシホールファイナル公演まですべて大盛況で終了いたしました!ありがとうございます。単独ステージは本日最後となりましたが、KINGDOMステージでお待ちしています! 【CNBLUE】ARENA TOUR 2014”WAVE” ended with a great success by the final at Nippon Gaishi […]

[Twitter|IG|Trans] CNBLUE won 2014 MAMA Best Band Performance Award (2014.12.03)

December 3, 2014 by


CNBLUE won the Award for Best Band Performance at MAMA 2014! See the Twitter & Instagram updates from Staff and the boys to celebrate this price! @CN_FANCLUB: 2014 Mnet 아시안 뮤직 어워드 베스트 밴드 퍼포먼스 #CNBLUE #씨엔블루 #CantStop 수상!! BOICE 여러분 진심으로 감사합니다!! 아름다운 밤 보내세요^^♡ 2014 Mnet Best Band Performance Award #CNBLUE #씨엔블루 #CantStop!! […]

[Twitter|Weibo|IG|Trans] Can’t Stop Tour has ended (2014.11.29)

November 29, 2014 by


CNBLUE ended their Can’t Stop tour with an awesome performance in Nanjing! Minhyuk and Jonghyun first sent message on their Weibo account before the concert. @姜敏赫: 여러분. #CNBLUE# 난징에 도착했습니다. 내일 공연장에서 만나요. 재밌게 놀아봅시다!! Everyone! #CNBLUE has arrived in Nanjing. See you & let’s have fun at the concert tomorrow!! @leejonghyun0515: 공연하러간다앗!!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Leaving for the concert!!!! […]

[IG|Trans] Jungshin recommends to listen to CNBLUE’s “Still in Love” (11.21.2014)

November 23, 2014 by


Jungshin updated his Instagram on Friday, November 21: “@leejungshin91: #퇴근길 오늘의 추천곡 아직사랑한다 물론 #CNBLUE 노래지” [TRANS] “@leejungshin91: #goingoffwork For today, I recommend the song”Still in Love”… of course by #CNBLUE” Source: @leejungshin91 Translated by:

[Twitter|Weibo] Yonghwa is working hard for his solo album (11.17.2014)

November 23, 2014 by


On November 17, Yonghwa posted on his Twitter: “@JYHeffect: ㅎㅎ여러분 감기조심하시고 오늘 하루도 마무리 잘하세욥~~!! 전 열심히 곡작업중입니다요” [TRANS] “@JYHeffect: Haha everyone please beware not to catch a cold. I hope you finish your day well~~!! I’m currently working hard on a song” On that day, he also posted different set of selcas on his Weibo: “@郑容和89: Ma fan […]

[Twitter|Photo|Trans] Minhyuk won’t seem to cut his hair for a while (11.17.2014)

November 23, 2014 by


Minhyuk updated his Twitter on Monday (November 17): “@MR_KANGGUN: 짧은머리는 추운겨울이 지나가고 생각 해볼게요^^ 모두 힘찬 한주 보내길..!” [TRANS] “@MR_KANGGUN: I’ll try to think about cutting my hair short after the cold winter goes by ^^ Everyone, please have an energetic week ahead!” Source: @MR_KANGGUN Translated by:

[Twitter|IG|Weibo] CNBLUE Arena Tour “WAVE” in Sendai has ended (11.15.2014)

November 16, 2014 by


Yesterday, Nov. 15, 2014, CNBLUE successfully wrapped up Sendai stop of their 2014 “WAVE” Arena Tour. Here are the boys updates through out the day: Jonghyun posted a video on his Instagram to greet everyone a good morning from Sendai. “@cnbluegt: 굿모닝” [TRANS] “@cnbluegt: Good morning” While Jungshin also posted a selca on his Instagram: “@leejungshin91: #시간 빠르다… 벌써 2014년이 한달반 남았다니…눈깜짝할사이에 추워지고…곧 25살이고..만년 고딩인줄 알았는데… 여러분들의 시간은 […]


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