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  1. Do you have videos of CNBLUE concerts with English Subtitle? I’m a Filipina and I am relying on subtitles. Thanks.

  2. #EXITED


  3. Christy nguyen

    June 18, 2013

    When are you coming to New York I can speak four languages Vietnamese,Korean,English,Spanish,a little French,some Japanese,Chinese and I’m 12


  4. Nidal

    June 6, 2013

    hi from algeria,i want to ask what can i do to bring cnblue to algeria ? please tell me ^^

  5. Hi!

    How are you? I hope well.
    we’re from

    We need support. How could we be Boice Friends in your site?
    We have website too. Can we publish you?
    We have in our site a part of Friends

    We’re thankful for All support <3
    We'll be wait your reply


  6. Hi!

    How are you? I hope well.
    we’re from

    We need support. How could we be Boice Friends in your site?
    We have website too. Can we publish you?
    We have in our site a part of Friends :D

    We’re thankful for All support <3
    We'll be wait your reply :)


  7. hii:)

  8. I love CNBLUE so much…especially Nae SAranga Lee Jong Hyun:)
    CNBLUE ROCkS My Heart Hehehe!!!

  9. I know it may have been posted before, but can we still get a copy of the FNC magazine??

  10. is CNBLUE will be having conert in philippines ? :)?? iloveCNblue alot .. esp. KangMinhyuk <3


  11. Filipina_noona

    March 31, 2013

    Hi, a humble request from the Philippines. Can you show the poem below to the boys? I will be much much happy if I’ll know they read this. Below is my showing of appreciation and support to them! Many many many thanks in advance. with love.

    Ode to the BLUE – by Filipina_noona

    The moment I listen to you
    I melted like jelly
    I thought I was a tough cookie
    Can you sing once more?
    I need to hear you sing more

    Your soothing voice relieves my stress
    Like a balm, relaxes my tired body
    Caressing my throbbing head

    What got into me?
    Can’t stop wanting you
    If you can only see me dance
    If you can only see me smile
    Thanks to you, you always make me feel good

    When I wake up, I listen to you
    after whispering thank you to God
    I can’t stop.
    You simply make me smile
    Wishing you more glory years
    Desiring to see you
    Silently anticipating the day I can see you
    And sing a song right in front of me
    I am your fan.
    Supporting you in every way I can

    I wasn’t like this before
    Boring days gone by
    No music suits to brush the blues away
    But I was wrong
    Regretting the years I wan’t able to know you
    I should have been listening to your beautiful music back then
    Such a lame of me.

    From your humble beginning
    To the helm that’s where you are now
    Such a wonderful, beautiful people!
    Cheer on! Go and go!

    Like the rest of us who love you
    I listen to your songs, till I fall asleep
    Your music washes my worries away
    And replaces them with a smile on my face

    Your soothing voice
    Your sweet smile
    The gentle sway of your body
    The beat when you rap
    When you hit the drum
    When you strum the guitar
    Like a balm. Like a balm

    Together we will take each other
    where the rest only dreams to be
    I will always be your fan.
    Thank you for the music
    We love you for making us happy through your music!

    You break down the language barrier with your art (music)
    We don’t need to speak the same language
    It doesn’t matter if I don’t speak it
    To feel your sound, to taste your sweet music
    to inhale the freshness of your melody
    To feel the pain, to embrace love
    To hope, to rise!

    CNBLUE rocks!
    Keep it up!
    Reach the stars above!
    You can make it. You can take it!

    Saranghae for giving us a part of you.
    For the hard work and the effort
    We all appreciate them
    And we love you for those qualities
    Your talent and humility amaze us

    Saranghae for the beautiful music
    Saranghe for the amazing work of art that is your music!

    Post Script: Can you sing a tagalog song when you hold your concert in the Philippines on June 15? I’ll be there with my friend :)


    • chime gochan

      May 10, 2013

      I read your cute poem. I think you can tweet it to CN Blue using TwitLonger. ^^


      • Filipina_noona

        May 18, 2013

        thanks a lot! :) I dont have a twitter account. Would you be kind enough to post the poem? Thanks in advance.

  12. Hello Boices.. Anyone can tell me how to get tickets for BlueMoonWorldTour in Seoul on May 25/26?? Im going to Seoul in May and thinking to go to their concert if i can get tickets.


  13. jamyung(Bukku)

    March 13, 2013

    to *-^


  14. jamyung(Bukku)

    March 5, 2013

    but c.n blue’s new style is wonderful


  15. jamyung(Bukku)

    March 5, 2013

    i miss c.n blue’s old style

  16. Are you able to contact their company and receive the information from a reliable resource(their own company and their manager), I mean their companies allow this to happen? What do you think?

  17. Hi.
    Are you able to contact their company and get the media news through a reliable resource rather than translating the news from the asian sites, i mean usually their companies allow this to happen?what do you think?


    • fizzyhasan

      February 17, 2013

      too bad FNC doesn’t do this..
      we tried to, but they don’t think it’s ok to do so

  18. I have not been able to attend concerts due to short notice. Can we receive advanced notice of where and when they will appear in the United States? Need to travel far for L.A. or New York. Need to schedule time off work and reservations. Please notify me in as far advance as possible.

  19. we are arab boice ^^ this is our blog . please make us your friend ^^”

  20. what about CANADA…..

  21. where and how can i order there album.?

  22. How can i order their new album from you?


    • fizzyhasan

      January 16, 2013

      are you from malaysia?
      someone is taking order..
      check cnbstorm – boice of malaysia on FB


      • burningboice

        January 29, 2013

        Salam fizzyhassan, im a fellow malaysian too and i was wondering arent there any sponsors here to make a cnblue
        concert here possible since theres been news of them taking
        off for their world tour. And i didnt see malaysia in their list T_T that is so sad!! I hope malaysian boice can do something for them to make a stop here as well^^ please help:-) kumawo, in advance!!

  23. jO~wa :)

  24. 이 새로운 올해는 기쁨이 가득 바라고, 우리는 몇 시간을 가지고 또한이 칠레에 가져올 기대하고 일부 protecto을 가지고 영원히 정말 아름다운 caroños입니다. ***는
    Hoping that this new year is full of joys, we have a couple of hours and also has some protecto hoping they bring back to Chile, is really beautiful caroños forever. ***


  25. Lady Tovilla

    December 18, 2012

    cuando vendrá CNBLUE A MEXICO?

  26. Hello. Can I use your logo for our t-shirt design business? Because many of our costumers want CNBlue shirts.
    Thank you! ^^
    Please respond.

  27. wish you guys can come in CANADA….. ……..

  28. Hi. I’m goodange from an Asian-oriented entertainment blog called Couch Kimchi. We’re having a giveaway contest, and our main prize is CNBLUE’s 3rd mini album Ear Fun: Special Limited Edition (Jung Yonghwa Version). I’m not sure if this is something you and your readers would be interested in, but if you feel like spreading the word, then, check it out here:



  29. Are we allowed to visit FNC when in Seoul?


    • fizzyhasan

      September 21, 2012

      You mean their office?
      Sometime they allow fans to go..
      It depends on luck I think.
      But the boys aren’t always there.


  30. elif alper

    September 20, 2012

    hii!!! I’m elif ..from turkey ..I cnlue …I want to buy cds cnlue .. could you help me? I could not find turkey…If you help .. I’d appreciate it .. Thank you in advance …thumbs up .. all over the world brotherhood of CNBlue

    당신을 사랑 … CNBlue

  31. Hi! May I know whether will CN Blue be coming to hold a concert in Singapore. Where can I purchase any CN Blue concert. And can update me if they are coming to Singapore to hold a concert? Thank you!

  32. when it comes to INDONESIA? I want to hear you sing directly .. I LOVE YOU OPPADEUL CNBLUE..


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