[Photos] Kwang Jin, the previous bassist of C.N.Blue

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Who is looking for this guy as much as I do? I actually looked up C.N. Blue because of Yong Hwa since he is my favorite ANJELL member. But, when I finally follow C.N.Blue, Kwang Jin made me hook into them. I fall in Love with him at first sight?… Especially in their performance of “Wherever You Will Go” by The Calling. you may check out that vid performance in my first post about them. Fall in Love with C.N. Blue…

My heart died when I heard he has been replaced with Jeong Shin. I don’t know where to see him anymore. =( I like Jeong Shin too but I want Kwang Jin to be part of C.N. BLue also. I don’t care… I just want to see him debut. Anyway, I hope he will be in a drama or movie soon or in any band. FNC didn’t even release an official statement regarding this issue. That’s why it leaves me wondering what the heck happened that he has been replaced.

Kwon Kwang Jin
Oh well… enough ranting. Here is his pictures. Enjoy! check it under the cut!

Credit as labeled.
Disclaimer: Photos are not mine.

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