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April 2010 issue (interview with Yong Hwa):

Quote: ‘You are my girl” is the most unforgettable scene to Jung Yong Hwa. In reality, Yong Hwa confessed that his character is very different from ‘Kang Shin Woo’ in <You’re Beautiful>. When met a girl he likes, Jung Yong Hwa won’t hold back and remain silence like Kang Shin Woo. In contrast, he will put in effort to confess to his loved one. Beside this, Jung Yong Hwa is a man that doesn’t hide his feelings. Each time when confronted distress, he would  forget about it when wake up in the next day.

Epop: How you felt after the shooting ended for drama “You’re Beautiful?”

Jung Yong Hwa: In the beginning, I was feeling very uncomfortable. This is because I used to mingle with Anjell members like a family. Now, I couldn’t see them anymore, my heart felt lonely, I missed them a lot! Hahaha

Epop: In reality, what will you do if the girl you liked fell in love with someone else?

Jung Yong Hwa: Erm. .I’ve never experienced situation like this. Therefore I’m not sure what will I do. At least, I won’t just stay quiet.

Epop: Your classic dialogue in drama “You’re Beautiful” was very emotional, how would you able to portray it?

Jung Yong Hwa: Meanwhile reading the script, the drama synopsis  reminded me of comic and both are similar. Although such dialogue seldom be used in real life, at that time I was thinking, ‘this is a drama’ I only need to continue acting.

Epop: From ‘Kang Shin Woo’ point of view, which scene will expose a deep feeling to you?

Jung Yong Hwa: In a scene which Mi Nam interacted with Shin woo in the garden house.At that time Mi Nam appeared in lady clothes. But after Tae Kyung appeared, she told Shin Woo that she wanted to change back to men clothes. Upon hearing this, my heart felt really uncomfortable. At that time, I can really felt Mi Nam’s feelings that need to pretend as a guy in front of her loved one. This scene really broke my heart!

Epop: What is your feeling when being invited to appear in variety show ‘Hunter’ after the shooting ended for ‘You’re Beautiful?’

Jung Yong Hwa: In the early stage, when I came across the content for ‘Hunter’, I already felt that the content is nice! Although this is just an entertainment programme, it seems to me like a documentary. I choose this variety show because it’s very meaningful and touching!

Epop: Have you been worried that the audiences couldn’t adapt to your truth self  that have been revealed for the first time in variety show?

Jung Yong Hwa: Until now, I felt that the audiences like to judge me from my image in the drama. Through my performances in variety show this time, I hope to show the truth self to everyone! As a singer, I will put in efforts to reach my dream, try harder and nonstop practicing. Therefore I hope everyone will be patient to anticipate for my performances.

Epop: Lately, Artists with muscular bodies seems to ‘pop out’ frequently. Have you thought of training your body to be more muscular?

Jung Yong Hwa: I also wish to diligently train my body. I need to put in more effort to exercise. I will vacant more spare time for exercise. Hehe

Epop: Finally CN Blue made a first debut in Korea. As a Leader, what you wish to propose to everyone?

Jung Yong Hwa: Finally CN Blue able to debut smoothly through blessings and hopes from everyone. I was really thankful to everyone. However, I still think that we didn’t performed 100% of efforts to the audiences. Although I felt pity, this matter gave us a chance to continue practice diligently in future. As a Leader, I always thought of ways to make CN Blue shines. Although this matter can be very fretful, I always feel happy and contented.

March Issue 2010: (interview with CN Blue) Part 1

Epop: How was CN Blue members able to gather together?

Yong Hwa: Main point is all of us are interested in music. Then we joined FnC (Current record company) though audition. Before this, I caught attention by uploading pictures to internet. Therefore, casting officer came to Busan (hometown of Yong Hwa) to meet me.

Jong Hyun: Eventually we noticed that the casting officer met me on the same day too. I’m really interested in singing since young. Felt happy that I got a chance to be trained professionally.

Yong Hwa: Except Jung Shin, three of us joined the audition on the same day. Jong Hyun was from Busan too, therefore I felt close to him. I still remembered on that day, Min Hyuk came in uniform. Really seems  to be different from other participants, I remembered him directly!

Min Hyuk: That day, Hyung performance was really good, I thought myself will fail. But we keep in contact after knowing each other. What is astonishing was all three of us passed that audition!

Jung Shin: Because my brother is a music mania, therefore since young I also listen to music with MP3 and iphone. I’m obsessed in photography since high school, always shoot photo from everywhere. Then, I met with casting officer from current company. One of the CN Blue members had withdrawn because of personal matter. Therefore I only joined the band since half of the year later. Although there’s a bit of pressure, all my Hyung treated me nicely included Min Hyuk who has the same age as me!

Epop : Try to share some stories about life in Japan.

Jong Hyun : Each day we will look and hear for various info. In the beginning, we really don’t know Japanese language but we studied hard in order to live in Japan. I think we don’t have problem for daily communication now!

Min Hyuk: I must remember our ‘street performance’. Everyone knew that the transportation cost in Japan is high. Therefore we will push trolly filled with musical instruments for our street performance during summer!

Jong Hyun: During our street performance, we had been caught to police station! All of us were sent by patrol car to the biggest police station in Shinjuku… (Smile) Actually the interior of the police station there was cozy and neat like in café!

Yong Hwa: I remembered we were joking with police after took picture. That time we went to Japan to study the Band culture that is active there. Life experiences in Japan had lot of memories; furthermore our home has been robbed before!

Part 2:

Epop : The quiet Min Hyuk seems to look different when playing drum!

Min Hyuk: People will feel uncomfortable when meet me for the first time. Actually I’m an active person since young. I can be considered as the most skillful person in football, basketball, baseball and more..!

Yong Hwa: Min hyuk is very hygienic; he’s the one that tidied the room everyday when we were in Japan. He treated people nicely, this never been changed since we met for the first time! Min Hyuk just needs to sit quietly there, all the girls will squeal, “So cute!” Meanwhile I’m the “Prince that love gossip”, means I really talked a lot!

Epop: Jung Shin is the youngest member of the group, but the tallest!

Jung Shin : I was worrying during Grade 3 because I’m short. But when entering Grade 4, I grew taller as much as 10cm. Currently my height has exceeded 187cm! I might grow taller. So the doctor suggested, if don’t want to be taller don’t do exercise but just play guitar. Hehe!

Epop : Yong Hwa firstly appeared in Korea screen in drama <You’re Beautiful>, what is your feelings?

Yong Hwa: Actually I’m not sure why the director and publisher choose me. Geun Suk Hyung, Shin Hye and Hong Gi are actor/actress, I’m just a newbie. Therefore, I never felt at ease starting from episode 1 until 16! I will memorize the script as soon as I woke up. Fortunately that Kang Shin Woo character was very charming, therefore gained good responses from everyone.

Min Hyuk : I’m surprised when Hyung that always joked acted so sincerely in TV! My Hyung that likes to joke was very handsome too! (Smiling)

Jung Shin: When we were training in Japan, we made phone calls to Hyung. Also joking to him, “Hyung, you seem to be in good state! But we were all messed up here”. HaHa!

Jong Hyun: Yong Hwa Hyung entered this field earlier, therefore he advised us a lot.

Epop: Rumored that you are the member who concerned about looks the most?

Jung Shin: Yong Hwa Hyung and me are similar kind of person. We always bought stuffs through internet while discuss about fashion when back to hostel. (Smiling) While I was lying on the bed, I will try to imagine the clothes that I would like to wear for the next day.

Epop: Never thought that Jung Shin is also man with creative thoughts.

Jung Shin : I’m not used to unfamiliar environment. I always heard comments that my first image was terrifying. Actually I’m very optimistic. When you’re close with me, you will spot a lot of qualities in me!

Yong Hwa : “Thinking World” of Jung Shin is very different! HaHa! Conversations will be more fun and cheerful with his appearance. Although he joined our band quite late, but his bass abilities and rap are very good!

Epop: Everyone said that Jong Hyun face is suitable for Band image!

Jong Hyun: Does that mean I’m a person that seems to be skillful in guitar? Ha Ha! Previously heard a lot of R&B and Hip-Hop songs. I also observed other bands before debut and finally really get attracted to the charm of band. I’ve made decision, must go and meet ‘Bump of Chicken’ (A band from Japan) one day!

Yong Hwa: Although Jong Hyun’s character seems to be the Busan man that gets mad easily, it’s not the truth!

Jong Hyun: Only my blood type is from ‘O’ group, the rests are ‘A’. Therefore when everyone gets mad, only me that is still laughing there.

Epop: What kind of music that you want to offer through <Bluetory> album?

Jong Hyun: When mentioned about band in Korea, everyone thought of ROCK. But we had used Alternative Rock as a basic to dissolve sentimental music then inserted Rap, Hip-Hop in our band. This time our mini album has 5 songs which included <I’m Loner>, my composition <Y,Why> and Korean version of <Now or Never>, hopefully to give freshness to everyone.

Epop: Have you ever desire to challenge by combining dance with band?

Yong Hwa: It’s a big problem that needs considering which is…we are not skilled in dancing! Ha Ha! When decided to play musical instruments, we aimed to be a popular band! If desire to be a dancer, we won’t join company that forms band! We had high mission on band. (Smiling)

Epop: What were your wishes?

Min Hyuk: Currently, it’s just the first step, only desire to do the best at this stage. No other thoughts.

Jung Shin: Hopefully our album will be known by many people. To be greedier, hope to get the ‘Best Rookie Award’ during the end of year. (Smiling)

Jong Hyun: Beside than wishing CN Blue to gain more supports, hope more people will noticed the attraction of band!

Yong Hwa: Maybe we still couldn’t show our musics attraction in the beginning. But we will work harder until we become ‘Grandpa Band’!

Source: Malay Epop Magazine | Translated by Emy@CNBlueStorm

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