[Video engsub] We Got Married Sweet Potato couples ep.9

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Sorry for waiting so long,but yes it’s worth..hehehe,WGM ep.9 eng hardsubs is already uploaded on youtube,have a good watch ^^

WGM ep 9 part (1-4) :

WGM ep 9 part (2-4) :

WGM ep 9 part (3-4) :

WGM ep 9 part (4-4) :

In Korea, the banking system adopts the ‘real-name system’, that means every single banking transaction a person made using their real-name (the ID card) will be permanently recorded in their lifetime!

Just like the transaction records that Yong made since his pre-school days can also be chased down everytime he makes banking transactions.

Because their couple account was created together using both ID cards, every transactions they made to their couple account will last forever and ever in their banking history throughout their lives!! The transaction history will show up everytime they make banking transactions in the future.

It’s really sweet and something very special that shared between them. Whether they’ll actually get together after their segment is over, or stay as close friends, that memory’s gonna stay eternally in their lives ❤

credit : rundevilrunsub3@youtube
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