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Many have been asking if international fans can help them in any way they could to get the boys win an award or move in K-chart ranking. I hope this post was shared a long time ago. But anyway, better late than never. So, international fans be sure to do the following below!

Buy their albums

Korea’s Regular Music Shows:

Mnet MCountdown – Broadcast time : Every Thursday
KBS Music Bank – Broadcast time: Every Friday
MBC Music Core – Broadcast time: Every Saturday
SBS Inkigayo – Broadcast time: Every Sunday

Music Shows Criteria:

[KBS] Music Bank:

20% Sales (depends on sales figures on Hanteo Chart, Shinnara Media and Hottracks)
50% Trial listen (depends on ranking on Dosirak, Melon, Muz, Bugs + total downloads of ringtone in SKT, KTF)
30% Voting by Audience

[MBC] Music Core

It is decided by the acceptance and recommendations from the respectable musicians

[SBS] Inkigayo:

20% Sales
30% Trial Listen
10% Voting
20% Number of times of performances
20% Searching

Sales depends on the monthly sales figures on Hanteo Chart, Shinnara Media and Hottracks.
Trial Listen depends on the number of times of trial listen on Melon, Mnet and SBS Inkigayo. Voting depends on the votes on SBS Inkigayo and votes by mobile. Searching depends on the search on Naver and other Music sites (such as Melon…etc).

To raise up CNBLUE’s rank at Music Chart ranking, please listen to their song “Love”  at Korean music sites and watch its MV @ instiz  and their official youtube channel.

Here’s the full guide :

Watch CNBLUE “Love” MV @ Instiz. Please click here.

20% of the number of views will be counted at SBS Inkigayo’s ranking system. Please refresh the page before replaying it.

When you trial listen or anything, please do not leave comments on Korean websites because they may figure out that we are not local (Korean) users (if you are using someone else’s Korean ID).

INSITZ MV view counts is very important in SBS Inkigayo.

Although the view counts on youtube is very high, Inkigayo only counts the views on Instiz (iChart) and it is 20% of the final score. So, to increase view counts of the MV, we should go to Instiz, but youtube also for international recognition.

*You do not need to register or pay.


1. Bugs : CNBLUE,     “BLUE LOVE” Album,      “Love” Title Single

Just click on the “Play” button to trial listen to the songs. Replay by refreshing the page or re-opening the page. To download the song, you have to have an account at bugs and click on the “plus” sign to download it.

2. Melon : Blue Love,     “Love” MV

Please allow pop-ups in your browser. Works best on “Internet Explorer”.  Please click on the “headset” button to start trial listening the song that is if you have the melonwebplayer installed already. If not, once you’ve click the “headset” button, a pop-up will appear asking you to install the melonwebplayer as an add-on. Though the instructions given at the pop-up are in Korean characters, the melonwebplayer add-on is easy to install.

Watching their “Love” MV also requires vod player. When you click on to watch their MV, it will ask you to install an add-on. Please do so.

* The number of times of trial listen in Melon are accepted by all music shows. In other words,total number of trial listen in Melon is counted by all music shows. So, Melon is the most important website for trial listening.

3. Cyworld : Blue Love

On this page, you can find “Love” on the song list. Please click the name of the song first.  Then, a pop-up will appear asking you to install BGM player. Please click on the red button as shown in the picture below.

Then, once you’ve clicked the “red” button, another pop-up will appear. It’s kinda the “terms of agreement” for installing the BGM player. Please select the radio button on the left.

Then, once you’ve clicked the button below the radio buttons. A pop-up asking you to save the set-up file will appear. Please save the file and install it afterward. During installation, just click “Yes” and the first button (if there are two) and the middle button (if there are three). Warning! You have to close your browser to continue installation or it will close it for you . The latter happens to me while I was editing this post. =(

4. Dosirak : Blue Love

5. Soribada : Blue Love

To be able to support them, you have to trial listen or download the song using Soribada Music Card. Please register here. It’s easy cause that page is made for foreigners. Trial listen doesn’t need to have a Soribada Music Card. =)

6. Naver : Blue Love

P.S: The song on those websites are just preview/teaser.

I know that its a little bit of a hassle but the installing of media players are only during at the start. So, please do the following stated above for the love of CNBLUE. =)

To ensure the number of times of trial listen, please play it until the song is finished. Also,the best way to guarantee the number of times of trial listen is NOT TO REPEAT the song on THE SAME PAGE. In other words, after listening once, close the window and open another one for the trial listen.

Please make it a habit to listen to their song while getting online. Let’s support CNBLUE in anyway we can! BOICE Fighting! CNBLUE makes me high!

Source:  Baidu Bar
English translation: nochichi & Kendyth
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Update: Mnet M!Countdown Ranking Guide by omonOona@cnbluestorm.

M!Countdown point depends on :

# Music Sales Scores
# Online music fans Voting Scores
# Music expert score
# Musical specialty selection are made thru Voting score

But recently they change the rule, only members with M ticket point can vote but M ticket can only purchased by Koreans with Resident ID. So, for international fans, let us all pray.. Well all the point collect the viewing/selling/voting is basically started from online music portal, so that’s why trial listen to those music web are really important to raise the rank on music chart. Just like what Lyna said let’s make it a habit for us to trial listen,especially at Mnet cos this is where CNBLUE have a high possibility to win the crown again, since you know Mnet doesn’t include those banned idol group on their music program. Ajja fighting p^O^q

Please don’t leave any comment on Korean websites, they could detect you by tracking your IP and there’s a possibility they might block or ban your id.

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