[Videos] Star King Episode 173 featuring Charice Pempengco and C.N.BLUE

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What got C.N.BLUE’s attention On Star King’s Episode 173? The broadcast which aired on the 24th of July got C.N.BLUE in awe after the show’s guest Charice Pempengco went on stage and sung for them.

On the interview part of the program, Jung Yonghwa stood up and asked Charice if she knows ‘Eotoriya’ as he praised her for wonderful singing.  After which, Yonghwa sang parts of ‘Eotoriya’ , gave her a hug and played a little bit starstruck.

Charice Pempengco paid tribute to the show after it helped launch her international career.

The videos that had Charice’s part was the first part of C.N.BLUE’s guesting.
DISCLAIMER : The video is not owned by CNBLUESTORM, please credit SUJUISM accordingly and do not upload on Youtube.

Video Credits to SUJUISM
Photos and text by ohgelie@cnbstorm

Ohgelie : On a personal note, I think Jung Yonghwa was in awe when she touched her, knowing that she has met the likes of Oprah and David Foster. What a funny lad, Yonghwa is.

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