[News] Pictures of Kang Minhyuk on “Hearstrings” Unveiled

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Several pictures of CNBLUE member Kang Min-hyuk on the set of a new MBC TV series have been unveiled.

The show’s promoter YTree Media released the pictures of Kang on Friday, showing the drummer-actor as his character Yeo Jun-hee in the upcoming Wednesday and Thursday drama titled “Heartstrings.”

Yeo is a student majoring in creative writing as well as the leader of the band called Stupid along with member Lee Shin (played by CNBLUE frontman Jung Yong-hwa), who is its lead singer.

“My character is someone who acts like a kid but he’s someone that is full of energy and is very cute,” Kang was quoted as saying. “The director does a great job in telling us what to do and it feels like I’m actually a college student when I act with Jung and Park Shin-hye.”

“Heartstrings” tells the story of Lee Kyu-won (played by actress Park Shin-hye) who is studying Korean traditional music and an expert in gayageum (Korean harp), while Jung’s character will win over the hearts of all the girls on campus.

The series will be helmed by helmed by scenarist Lee Myung-sook and producer Pyo Min-soo whose previous works include hit melodramas such as “Full House” (KBS, 2004) and “Worlds Within” (KBS, 2008).

The show is scheduled to air on June 29 after ongoing series “The Greatest Love” finishes its run.

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