[Happy Birthday] 21 Things You Should Know About Kang Minhyuk

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Happy Birthday Kang Minhyuk

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“Men are like wine they get better with age like fine wine. Some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.”Pope John XXIII

1. Softhearted

“When CNBLUE was asked which member cries most often, everyone pointed out in unison that Kang Min Hyuk does. They said that when most people accidentally kick a table leg, one would hold their foot and complain about the pain. However, Kang Min Hyuk would immediately climb onto his bed, complaining about the pain while crying. Kang Min Hyuk promptly refuted, clarifying that it’s not that he likes to cry, it’s just that tears will flow out unconsciously.”

Minhyuk isn’t a cry baby as joked about by his bandmates. he’s only a bit sentimental and has a soft heart. 0^,^0

2.  Cool and Natural Fashionista

MinHyuk likes the natural style and loves wearing hats for a cool guy look, shades, and or a scarf for a warm look. Minhyuk also likes wearing sweats /training suits and also the neat and tidy, smart type of clothes. [Reference]

3. Loyal Romantic

Minhyuk is a romantic person , he knows a lot about dating, like where to go, where to eat,etc

Minhyuk’s dream date : “I want to go to the amusement park with the girl I like. Then we’ll ride bicycles on the shore of the Han River.”

Jonghyun : “Kang Minhyuk can’t forgot his first love yet”

Minhyuk’s first love : “First love is what you keep forever in your memory. I’m a type who really suffers from pain for a long time. Even when I think I already forgot about it. Since I’ve loved so far. Cause there are so many memories of love, everytime I got reminded of those time, I’ll think of her again. I had a really hard time after breaking up with my girlfriend.”

4. King of Selca

Minhyuk always carry his precious camera. He said this is a present from a fan. He takes it everywhere with him and takes pictures. Minhyuk revealed in order to get familiar with the camera; he did a lot of practice in private.

At CNBLUE’s dorm„there were selcas posted randomly on the wall. They also had their bluetory and bluelove CDs up on the wall.

5. Lonely Lovely

Minhyuk prefers to be alone most of the time:  reading alone, listening to music alone, traveling alone, and doing all sorts of things alone. Minhyuk is the type who’s stable and quiet. But when he’s feeling good he can be quite playful.

“On my childhood time I went traveling overseas a lot with my parents. During high school, I often went on a trip alone just with my camera. Going to unfamiliar places; I think that is my happiest holiday. Everyone, if you have time, rather than watching TV at home, I recommend you to travel to the nearby places alone. If I can have a holiday, I surely would like to go somewhere.”

Yonghwa : “He voted as the coolest member. People say Minhyuk is calm but he is a rascal. His nickname is a mouse. He hides and disappears like a mouse.”

6. Aspiring Student and BOICE

“If I’m not in CNBLUE like now,I should be a really obedient student,studying seriously n sometimes watch CNBLUE together with friends. I would become CNBLUE fans, a Boice.”

7. Music is Food

For Minhyuk, music and food are the same in his life, a day without music would leave him very uneasy.  It is an essential part of his life.

He had fallen for “very spicy jjigae” which he didn’t liked eating before.

8. What’s In A Name?

His middle school nickname was Kang Goon (Kang – his last name; Goon – a Korean term for a young lad).

“There must have been no nick name for me, for them to be calling me Kanggoon. I really didn’t have nickname in high school.”

9.  Noona is So Pretty

He naturally likes older women because he also has an older sister that treats him well.

“I naturally favor older women because I have an older sister that treats me well.  And older women are better because they make good money and they could afford to buy me good food, since I don’t have that much money.”

Minhyuk is a big fan of Kim Tae Hee (IRIS, Love Story in Harvard, My Princess) and he really would love to meet her in person.

“ An article once said “Kang Min Hyuk’s preferred style = innocent and relaxing style = Kim Tae Hee.” That wasn’t my intention but I guess people like naming a celebrity.”

10. Games and Things

Next to Jonghyun, Minhyuk excels in sports. He likes Baseball, Soccer and Basketball. But, he is also a gamer in a sense.  He loves playing games on his PSP.

“I used to play soccer, baseball, basketball, and run around the playground when I was in preschool, grade school, and middle school. In high school I grew older and I was too lazy to move around.”

11. Musical Trivia

Kang Minhyuk has a specialty in flute. Next to drums, it’s the instrument he can play very well. Minhyuk’s dad is his drum teacher. He can also play the piano.

12.  Friendly Min Hyuk

He met Jungshin for the 1st time at the Ilsan English School. Minhyuk and FT Island’s Minhwan became close after meeting 3 times. They became close so quickly because they share the same interests. Through the drama, “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter”, Minhyuk and Super Junior’s Donghae grew a closer brother-like relationship.

13. Idol’s Idols

The girl group that he wants to be close with is Wonder Girls. Minhyuk also wants to host with Kim Heechul of Super Junior. Minhyuk hopes to become a drummer like the Dream Theatre’s Mike Portnoy. His favorite band is Maroon 5.

14. His Favorite… Things

Minhyuk likes anime such as Bleach, Naruto and One Piece. Minhyuk’s recent favorite songs are by Owl City. He said “They sound very refreshing and their style is very unique, sometimes dreamy, and sometimes sunshine-bright. So I like their songs a lot.” He also likes elmo.

15. In Love, he…

When it comes to girls, Minhyuk does not care about looks and likes someone he feels comfortable with. He admits in reacting very slow so if he was a girl he would choose Jungshin because he is funny and lively most of the time.

“type of woman that could make falling in love with at first sight is a ‘very feminine’ woman.”

Yonghwa : “Minhyuk is the type who could fall in love with fans.”

16. King of Losing Things

Jonghyun : “MinHyuk’s house is so neat and clean. Arranged perfectly, no dust at all, vacant.”

Minhyuk is tidy person (loves cleaning the rooms every day) and really attentive to other people, but it doesn’t mean he keep his things organize.

Manager exposed: “Minhyuk has been losing things ever since he was young, especially MP3 players and iPods. The quantity he has lost can almost be enough to open a shop”! When CNBLUE came to Taiwan, Minhyuk certainly lived up to the reputation of “King of Losing Things”; as soon as they arrived in Taiwan last year in September, he promptly left his wallet in the van. If the Taiwanese staff had not carefully checked the van before getting out, Minhyuk would not have even known that he had lost his wallet. Before the concert rehearsal, Taiwanese staff also ‘unsurprisingly’ found Minhyuk’s iPod again!

17. Practise makes perfect

Minhyuk’s dad is drum teacher, He learnt Drum from his dad. Minhyuk makes an effort to practice playing drums more recently since his drama is over.  He bought new small cymbals for their new album. He want to become a pro drummer and want to show it to the fans handsomely.

Minhyuk’s most happiest feeling while performing is communicating with the fans and when immersed in the performance.

18. Baby Face

His skin is very smooth like a baby and other CNBLUE members are admitting in following his skin care practices. Minhyuk revealed his 7 steps facial treatment on Making The Artist ep. 3.

19. Eyes smile

“My strong point is smiling face. Weak point is that I have no other attraction beside smiling face.”

Actually , Minhyuk wants to change his “girly” smile into a manly smile. Cause a lot of people praise his girly smile, he doesn’t agree.

20. Good boy, good dongsaeng

JungShin: “MinHyuk has no weakpoint. He is just too neat. Once I put my bag on my bed. But he nagged me..”
Minhyuk nag when the house is not cleaned. But he can’t say words to his hyungs, He just give them the hairy eyeball.  Minhyuk can act of getting angry.But he can’t get angry in real life.If Minhyuk gets angry,he looks awkward. He doesn’t look angry at all.

Minhyuk is very hygienic; he’s the one that tidied the room everyday when CNBLUE were in Japan. MinHyuk is in charge of mother. He is neat. He cleans the house always. He is even good at cooking.

21. No talk, Action only

For Minhyuk, speaking a lot is not important. Playing the shaker to make the song sound better was more meaningful for him.


[Fans] Minhyuk~aa besides “thank you”, don’t you have anything else to say to Nuna? TT

[Minhyuk] How are you?! keke

[Fans] Minhyuk ah~ finally your last words more than 4 words at a time…completely happy, reallly happy~

[Minhyuk] Seee. What I say is REALLY good kekeke

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Happy birthday to the super handsome, super talented actor, musician and drummer Kang Minhyuk, Thanks to the ladies who gave birth to him. Long live n prosperity. I pray God gives a present that u deserve. Hope your day fill with love. ^^

Your fans,


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