[News|Trivia] Park Shin Hye to Sing CNBLUE’s “I Will..Forget You” in Heartstrings

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In tonight’s episode of “Heartstrings,” Park Shin Hye will sing CNBLUE’s “I Will.. Forget You.”

Her character, Gyu Won, challenges herself to audition for the female lead role in the upcoming 100 Year Anniversary School Musical. In the episode, former Broadway director Suk Hyun (Song Chang Ui) announces “love” as the theme for this year’s audition. After long thought, Gyu Won decides on “I Will Forget You” as her audition piece as it best described how she currently felt about Lee Shin (Jung Yong Hwa).

Gyu Won sings emotionally and ends up tearing up mid-performance. Shin watches this teary confession nearby and appears to be slightly moved. A representative of JS Pictures stated, “Park Shin Hye was so into her character during the audition scene that she moved the rest of the cast and crew with her emotional performance.”

“Heartstrings” will air its seventh episode tonight, July 20th, on MBC at 9:55PM KST.

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The song “I Will.. Forget You” by CNBLUE is one of Lee Jonghyun‘s solo songs and was first featured in their “Now and Never” album as an English song entitled “Teardrops in The Rain“. The song was featured again in their Japanese full length album “Thank U” with the same title. In 2010, the song was translated in Korean and given a title  “그럴 겁니다.. 잊을 겁니다..” in CNBLUE’s first Korean mini album, BLUETORY.

[I Will Forget You – 그럴 겁니다.. 잊을 겁니다..]

[Teardrops In The Rain]

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