[Scans|Trans] See what’s inside CNBLUE’s head in ‘Mini’ Magazine December 2011 issue

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Released Date: 11.01.2011
‘Mini’ magazine is a Girl’s Fashion Magazine in Japan.

CNBLUE’s “In My Head”!!!

CNBLUE debuted major in Japan, on October.
Their Yokohama Arena Live concert tickets are sold out immediately after the sale. And they are rapidly gaining popularity. Relating to their debut number “In My Head”, we will approach the members’ nature with “Nonai Maker (Brain-scanner*)”!

Let’s see what’s in CNBLUE’s brain with “Nonai Maker (Brain-scanner)”

Brain-scanner tells us the lie? Or the truth?

They talk about the real face of each member!

The result of Brain-scanner

MinHyuk: Pink(愛)⇒Love, Blue(悩)⇒Worries, Purple(欲)⇒Desire, Orange(遊)⇒Play
The result is at the age of 20 and pleasant one! Is it true?

YongHwa: Blue(学)⇒Learn / Study, Purple(友)⇒Friends
There’s one “Friend” among a lot of “Learn”. It’s exactly “the straight-ahead and good looking guy”. We’ll fall in love with him~~~

JongHyun: Purple(友)⇒Friends, Pink(私)⇒Myself, Blue(悩)⇒Worries
According to JongHyun, “This result is who I was in my school days”. What is the reaction of the other members?

JungShin: Pink(秘)⇒Secret
May be he is a secretive? Does his sexy pheromone come out from his inside?

What do you think about the Brain-scanner’s result of each other?

JungShin: “I think YongHwa’s result is right. He’s always learning about music.”

YongHwa: “We endeavored to perform as the opening act for the LINKIN PARK’s live concert before; I felt I want to improve more musically. I think I always have very strong enthusiasm to learn music.”

JongHyun: “But I think there should be more ‘Friends’ and ‘Love’ in his head.”

YongHwa: “Correct, I can’t see my friends that often and I think about my friends a lot.”

JongHyun: “My result of ‘Brain-scanner’ is who I was before. And who I am now is close to YongHwa’s, I think.”

YongHwa: “No, there should be more of ‘Me’ in his head.” (laugh)

JongHyun: “It was in my school days! There are only ‘Learn’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Music’ in my head now. I think JungShin’s result is not true, right?”

JungShin: “Umm. I have a lot of secrets but not as many as like this.”

JongHyun: “He treasures his family a lot, so I think there should be a lot of ‘Family’”

MinHyuk: “It’s not secret that JungShin had; he has a lot of thoughts and worries that he kept to himself, doesn’t he?”

JongHyun: “It’s you, MinHyuk! He is very delicate and has a lot of worries.”

MinHyuk: “I have a lot of worries, I want to play more, have a lot of things to do, and also I want to fall in love with someone….”

JungShin: “I think his result of the Brain-scanner is the most correct one.”

(laugh) I think we can see all of your surprising aspects. Well, lastly, please tell us your enthusiasm of your activities in Japan from now on.

YongHwa: “I would like to continue giving hope and power to everyone with our music. So I’ll be grateful if you support us. To begin with, please listen to our debut number “In My Head” and keep your eyes on us.”

JungShin: “I would like you to focus on the lyrics of “In My Head”. It’s very positive and I’d like everyone to think ‘Let’s do our best!’”

MinHyuk: “I would like to grow up step by step. I’ll show you all our best during live performances.”

JongHyun: “I promise that CNBLUE will be the one to respond your expectations with our wonderful music! Please support us.”

*Brain-scanner is a computer free software which was a topical issue in 2007. You just input your name and it tells you what’s in your head with an illustration.

Scans by CNBurningHARU
Translated by CNBLUE Love a.k.a. CL@cnbluestorm.com
Re-uploaded by L@cnbluestorm.com

I find CNBLUE really HOT in this photoshoot especially Jungshin. ^^ ~L