[Tutorial] Creating an account in FNCStore

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It’s the time of the year where FNC Store releases their Season Greetings sets for the upcoming new year.

They used to allow foreigners to order without having an account, as indicated in their Foreigner’s Guide (upon clicking the little orange square button that moves on the right). However we can no longer do that. We NEED to have an account.

Many BOICEs have tried and most have failed to create an account. I, however, have managed to create one (muahahaha). Hee, just joking folks!😀

Below is the tutorial I have prepared. It’s pretty straight-forward and to the point. Hope it helps!
(Click on the picture to view it in full size if you are squinting at the words)

Happy shopping (;

NOTE: Please use INTERNET EXPLORER to carry out the procedure. Other browsers doesn’t work well – AT ALL. 

Some BOICE seem to be experiencing a different membership form –  we are looking into this. Please check back for updates.

I just checked the tutorial, everything is in order. FNCstore did not change the procedure.
If you still face problems and need help, take a screen shot (and host it via twitpic or something) and leave a comment below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. (26 Mar 2012)

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