[Scans|Trans] CNBLUE in “What’s In?” magazine February 2012 issue

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“What’s In?” magazine is a Japanese music magazine.

– You guys did major debut with IN MY HEAD, do you have any change from your Indies days?

YH: Our mind didn’t change. We keep same mindset that we wanna move forward.

JH: getting busy (laugh). but it’s fun. we wanted to be so.

– In December, you held ZEPP tour and live at Yoyogi national gymnasium. Please let me know your impression.

YH: After 1 years interval we held Zepp tour, we felt the audience are very close to us, it is the charm of live house. It was the first time we performed Yoyogi National Gymnasium, but we had seen B’z-san’s live video, so we felt very happy, like a “finally we are here!”.

JS: At Yoyogi, I was happy we played at an acoustic stage. We moved to the other side of the stage by running (laugh).

– (laugh) then, new song “Where you are” was composed & lyrics written by Yonghwa-san, I feel it is like an evolution of “In my head”, powerful song.

YH: In this lyrics, we contained the youth, hope & dreams. It’s groovy rock sound, with interesting sound making.

JH: I think this song is very CNBLUE, like ourselves. It’s a sequel of “In my head”, I think.

MH: Tempo is faster than “In my head”, sound is strong, cool song.

JS: When I heard the demo, I told Yonghwa-oniisan “very good” (laugh). Very confident with the song.

– What’s to be noticed when you played your own part?

YH: I thought groovy feeling, and a sense of dynamic.

JH: On guitar, I thought I wanna express a sense of tension.

MH: Rhythm is important in this song, so I got nervous about drum.

JS: I played & thought expressing groove, and added glitter feeling at chorus part.

– In fact, it is good feeling break through at chorus part.

YH: At chorus part, each of the instruments head towards various direction, and including many chorus & synthesizer sound. Chorus shift left and right, elaborate sound making.

– It’s very interesting if I listen to it by the headphones. What did you feel when you sing this song?

YH: lyrics, if someone is at the state of despair, I’m sure he could find something that can help save himself if he keep looking for it. If we change our thinking or point of view, there is something to brighten ourselves, we can change our life. This is a positive song like that. When I sung, I wanna express difficulty in breathing. Actually it is fast song, there was almost no breath, so I was almost faint when I was singing. I also recorded breath sound haa haa.

– that song includes such emotions. Then, when you put in the hard state, what do you have something which helps you?

YH: it’s still music. When I feel almost I’m dying, I listen to our songs (laugh). Coz I remember the feeling I wrote that lyrics. From now, I think I listen “Where you are” (laugh).

MH: I keep listening to the music and stay alone. Then gradually bad feeling disappears.

JS: I sleep (laugh). Coz when I feel I’m dying, even if whatever I do, that thing comes to mind.

JH: I also listen to music. So feeling turns better. For example, Eric Clapton “Broken Hearted” or Korean Im Jaebeom’s “should live” (*sorry if i’m wrong with spelling & title of the song), when I listen to these, I feel energy, these are sad songs, though.

– I see. Then “Get away” is written by Jonghyun-san, it’s cool and powerful song.

JH: I made this for the live performance. We have many medium-tempo or ballad songs, so I thought want an up-tempo song.

YH: the lyrics is about to live to overcome the frustration. This song’s key is high, so hard to sing. I sung it with positive feeling, keep looking for the light and going ahead.

– And “feeling” is Yonghwa-san’s made song, it has feeling of floating, breezy melody and wide-spreading feeling.

YH: this song also someone feels like a romantic love song, but it has positive lyrics. Hard sweat is beautiful, and tears also beautiful, I think. We tried to do that vocal sung softly, sounds are like a fantasy or dreamer.

– By this one singleCD, we can feel your band’s breadth of music.

– By the way, please let me know what do you infatuated recently.

All: game (laugh).

YH: the live tour ended, we are playing the survival game together (laugh).

MH: and I like base ball or soccer game. Me & Jonghyun-oniisan love “Winning Eleven”(*soccer game), we always play at home (laugh).

YH: MH is very strong at “Winning Eleven” (laugh).

JH: We often used to compete, he is the strongest by far (laugh).

– so strong? (laugh) many Japanese musicians also likes “Winning Eleven”, please compete if you have chance (laugh).

YH: that’s a good idea. If any Japanese artist who likes “Winning Eleven” too, please compete with MH (laugh).

– okay (laugh). then, as the band, and personally, what kind of things would you like to try in 2012?

YH: I wanna go on a trip to Europe alone. As CNBLUE, we want to perform more larger venues, and want to play at summer rock festival.

MH: me too, if I have holiday, hire a car and go on a trip alone during to listen to the music. Europe is better if possible, I have no time so even in Korea, I feel like I’m in Europe mood (laugh). As a band, I’ll work hard for fan club tour in Japan in February, after that at Korea, we will have activities of the album, so I hope it will be better.

JS: I want to made cool song by myself. As CNBLUE, I’d like to play a lot of live anyway.

JH: I wanna go to England alone, and want to play the live perform on the street. As CNBLUE, I want to play the live more, and I want to keep such pleasant atmosphere.

– at the last, please give a message for “Where you are” listeners.

YH: “Where you are” is the song that includes the message “never give up even though almost dying”. Don’t give up, endure to the end, and then I’m sure you’d be a good thing. So, everyone please be cheerful and fighting.

Credit: Scanned by @nuromianchaochi
Translated by ketch@cnbluestorm.com

Proofread and edited by L@cnbluestorm.com

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