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Narration: Who paralyzed the amusement park, came back wit I’m sorry after 10 months, they are CNBLUE.
Cold winter, they melted fans’ heart warmly. Thrilling date, they even charmed men, and there was a big confession.
Yonghwa: I don’t know. It may cover the front pages.
Minhyuk: Hyung, you shouldn’t do that.
Jungshin: Cover hyung’s mouth.
Yonghwa: I became to have a person I love.
Narration: Unexpected Yonghwa’s confession, today guerrilla date is beyond our imagination. Please expect.

Narration: All elementary school students from the whole country are here.
MC: Now here is no consciousness(=’jung sin’ in Korean) and no Jungshin either.
Yonghwa: He is filming ‘My daughter Seoyoung’, he counldn’t come. We will be able to see him later.
MC: He will join later? Guerrilla date with CNBLUE, let’s go.
Narration: Huge fans were surrounding CNBLUE. We couldn’t even move. So we moved to safer place.

MC: Your new album is released. Congratulations. I’m sorry.
Narration:Jung Yonghwa composed the title track. They became more chic. This time, they are showing band live at music shows.

MC: ‘I want to take photo with CNBLUE!’
Narration: screaming girls made CNBLUE surprised, we can meet these girls everywhere.
MC: Please express with your body how much you like oppa.
Narration: excitement level up. Let her speak 3 lines poem.
Girl: ‘Jung’ Yonghwa will / ‘Yong’hwa will / ‘Hwa’ Hwa~k hug me.
Narration: It was selfish motivated poem. She has a good sense.

MC: Name them one by one. You know who is who?
Boy1: Kang Minhyuk drummer, Jung Yonghwa, sorry.
MC: What is charm of CNBLUE?
Boy1: First, they sing well, band performance is good, their visual is king.
MC: Please put them into an order of visual.
Boy:1 (Yonghwa) 1st, (Minhyuk) 2nd, (Jonghyun) 3rd, and Jungshin ssi is 4th.
Narration: Definitely you should not be absent.

[Unique appearance]
MC: Sir, how old are you this year?
Boy2: Me? 17.
MC: You must have suffered a hard time.
Boy2: I’ve experienced all sorts of hardships.
MC: Do you want to be vocalist of CNBLUE, even a short time?
(looks at Yonghwa, Yonghwa nods)
Boy2: Yes!
MC: I see. Then you three, please play the guitars and drums.
Narration: Watch this boy.
Boy2: Wetoriya Wetoriya dariduri daratu.

[He is dreaming of being a singer?]
MC: What’s your dream?
Boy2: I have no dream.
Narration: This boy makes us speechless, daebak.
MC: Let’s make him a dream.
Jonghyun: Band vocal
MC: Band vocal, because he sings well.
Yonghwa: He will suit well if he becomes band member.
MC: Then what name will you give to his band? Yonghwa ssi?
Yonghwa: ‘All sorts of hardships’

MC: You kiss one person by the cheek you like the most.
Yonghwa: We refuse him.
Boy2: You can’t.
MC: This boy has no dream, let’s make him have a dream.
[Who is kissed?]
Narration: The lucky guy wasn’t Jonghyun. Jung Yonghwa win!
Narration: Not in guerilla date, when they can experience a kiss by a boy fan.

[CNBLUE back to childhood]
Narration: They used to enjoy the stage, today, they are really enjoying their outing. Wherever they go, they are full of energy.
MC: How do you feel riding roller coasters outside?
Yonghwa: I didn’t for long time. I had a lot of fun.
MC: Quiz to people.
Narration: Have you ever quizzed riding a Viking ship?

(mission: Solve 10 quiz! If fail, sing on the roller coaster.)
Narration: It’s quite speedy, concentrate on it.
[Giyomi player]
CNBLUE: 1+1 is Giyomi
Girls: Giyomi!
CNBLUE: Man Se (long live)
Girls: Man Se
MC: Man Se correct
[Next quiestion Choi Min Soo]
Narration: How should I express Choi Min Soo?
[4 were correct so far]
Girls: Puing Puing
MC: Correct. 5.
CNBLUE: (Armpit, Jonghyun rubs Yonghwa’s armpit)
Girls: Armpit
MC: Correct. 6. What is that?
Girls: Titanic! Titanic!
MC: 7.
CNBLUE: (Jonghyun points Minhyuk)
Minhyuk: eight of heads
[The answer was 8 dungshin] (Head side is 1/8 of whole body size.]
Girls: Octopus
Narration: Octopus has 8 legs. They solves quiz unconsciously, CNBLUE presented them CD as meaning of appreciation.
[mission failed]
[Being punished]

Narration: The girls who couldn’t solve quiz went away, as a punishment, CNBLUE is performing Viking live.
We moved to another place and looked into more of their charm.

MC: Did you enjoy the amusement park?
Yonghwa: I feel nauseous.
MC: Why don’t you call Jungshin.
[They prepared something]
Yonghwa: If we call, will he come? No? One two three Jungshin ah~

[Airing without editing]
Narration:  You expected special effect? Sorry, we couldn’t miss their cute acting. We just show you as it is.
[Definitely they are acting idols. They have fallen for sitcom]
[Nice face expression]
Narration: Their acting is excellent.
Jungshin: You went without me? to the amusement park?
Yonghwa: It’s you who refused.
Jungshin: Sorry.
Minhyuk: Have you ever quizzed riding a Viking ship?
Yonghwa: How can you solve ‘Choi Min Soo’.
[The highest degree of difficulty, Choi Min Soo]
MC: You are the first band who hold the world tour.
Jonghyun: So far, it’s 12 cities and 7~8 countries.
MC: Please put them in order of acting skill.
Narration: Curious. Without discussing with members, Yonghwa put himself at the top.
(1st Yonghwa, 2nd Jungshin, 3rd Minhyuk, 4th Jonghyun)
MC: But he is the actor of ‘My husband got a family’
Yonghwa: Maybe he wants us to say Eh~ it’s wrong. One two three Eh~
Minhyuk: Frankly speaking, these two seemed to be switched.
(Yonghwa&Jungshin changed)
Yonghwa: I am sorry. I’m the first.
MC: Yonghwa ssi, why do you think you are the first?
Yonghwa: Because I am the best. Emperor of acting.

MC: Is it liquor?
Who has changed the most since your debut?
Jungshin: Put me at the top.
Narration: Jungshin volunteers the first.

(Minhyuk is at the second)
Minhyuk: Why me?
Jonghyun: Minhyuk has changed a lot.
Jungshin: He is 1.5th.
Yonghwa: Minhyuk became very polished.
MC: That’s why I prepared this.
[Open their school days photos]
Yonghwa: No way!

Narration: Graduation photos of CNBLUE four members. The most changed member chosen by them is Lee Jungshin, this is his middle school photo. Isn’t he cute?
Jungshin: You are too cruel to me.

[Strong objection]
Minhyuk: Please show this face.
Yonghwa: Your tongue should go left.
Minhyuk: Put your tongue out of your mouth to the left.

Narration: How is he? Similar to the former one?
[He has grown up well]
MC: Minhyuk, you mentioned Kim Tahee as your ideal woman, but she left.
Minhyuk: On January the first, my heart crashed.
I almost enlisted to the army. As much as I considered immediate enlisting.
Yonghwa: You have curry on your teeth.

MC: According to Yonghwa’s interview, ‘Sometimes even I am surprised at myself that I’m so funny.’
Yonghwa: Did I say that?
[Can’t remember]

Jonghyun: Hyung is upset when he is told ‘You’re not funny’ than ‘You can’t sing’.
Yonghwa: Aigo Beya (Oh my stomach)
Narration: This is funny every time we see.
Yonghwa: Whatever show I appear in, I start with showing it. And it is surely aired.
MC: That line is spoken by you more than Park Young Gyu.
Yonghwa: If I had a chance to meet Park Young Gyu, I don’t know know to see his face.

Narration: Jung Yonghwa’s shocking confession is continued.
Yonghwa: Dear fans, it seems this may cover the front page.
Minhyuk: Hyung, you shouldn’t do that.
Jungshin: Cover hyung’s mouth.

MC: Exclusive report by Entertainment Relay?
Yonghwa: It’s a big thing, I have a person I love. Who is… you our fans.
Jungshin: Yeonyega Sung… ah (Yeonyega Jungae is correct)
Jonghyun: Yeonyega Sungae
Jungshin: It was because the curry was too spicy.
[2nd try]
Jungshin: Dear viewers of Entertainment Relay, We CNBLUE came back nicely after 10 months.
[Jungshin has no more to talk]
Narration: They are cheerful to the end. Their album hit the top of Billboard world album chart. Congratulations. Great. CNBLUE stretching to the world. We expect their future.



Video Credits: KOPO5408 + namtree08 @youtube
Translated by: @saturnkr

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