[News] Lee Jungshin joins the cast of KBS’ historical drama “Blade and Petal”

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CNBLUE Lee Jung  Shin, will be joining the cast of new drama ’Blade and Petal’ as a role of a romanticist swordsman in Geoguryo  era.

CNBLUE Lee Jung  Shin was cast in the KBS 2TV’s new Wed-Thu drama ’Blade and Petal’.

Blade and Petal’ is a heroism intelligence melodrama. Muyoung who is the daughter of King Yeongryu of Geoguryo falls in love with Yeonchung who is the son of Yongaesomun, who killed Muyoung’s father. The drama depicts the story about their conflict between revenge and love.

The role of  Lee Jung  Shin is Shi Woo who is the best swordsman in Geoguryo. Shi Woo is charismatic, but he’s a romantic guy towards Muyoung. He looks after her like a shadow and loves her day in and day out. He’s an important role in the love triangle with the lead characters Yeonchung (Eom Tae Woong) and Muyoung (Kim Ok Bin).

Lee Jung  Shin made his debut as a Kang Sung Jae in the popular weekend drama ’My Daughter Seo Young’ which ended last March. He was nick named as the ’National Son’ as he showed his natural and delicate feeling performance and is receiving attention as the next generation actor.

Blade and Petal’ is scheduled to broadcast this coming July.

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