[Twitter|Photo|Trans] Can’t Stop Track List Doodle by Yonghwa!

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@JYHeffect여러분 드디어 트랙 리스트가 떴습니다! 타이틀곡 Can’t stop을 들을 때 여러분의 반응을 예측한다면! “응? 얼~ 헉!! 오!!!! ” 일거라고 감히 예상합니다!!!!ㅋ 기대해 주세요!”

[TRANS] @JYHeffect: Everyone, finally here is the track list! I can predict everyone’s reaction about the Title Track “Can’t Stop” would be like “Huh? Uh~ Heok!!! Oh!!!”ㅋ Please look forward to it!”

Source: @JYHeffect
Translated by: miryong @cnbluestorm